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Programmable Wireless Dolby® 7.1 Surround Sound + Wireless Chat

If you don’t have an XP500 then don’t even try to call yourself an XBox fan, because you’re missing out on the end-all be-all XBox gaming experience. The XP500 is optimized for the XBox 360 and its slate of all-star exclusives, so settling for anything less is like ordering mashed potatoes without the gravy – if gravy had surround sound.

Audio Presets - Customize Your Game Sound!

The Ear Force XP500 is also a programmable headset which means you can take your game sound to a whole new level with Audio Presets. With the press of a button, you can hear cues like the sound of unseen footsteps in the distance or a weapon being reloaded so you can gain the ultimate competitive advantage. Even increase the screech of tires racing around a track for a deeper immersion experience. Professional video game sound engineers, the sound experts here at Turtle Beach and gamers like you have created a number of Audio Presets for all the latest games. Learn more by watching this video and joining our Audio Presets Community. Now you can completely immerse yourself in and dominate your games!

Why You Need It!

  • Wireless XBox Live™ Chat – Connect with your team, even if you aren’t connected to the console.
  • Sonic Lens™ - Focus your sound experience so you can hear anything (and defeat anyone!)
  • Programmable audio presets – Don’t sweat it if someone messes with your settings; you can get them back at the touch of a button. 
  • Stream music or phone calls – Don’t like your game’s soundtrack? Add your own!

 Click Here To Read The List of Games we have Audio Presets For!

  • Castlevania 2
  • Thief
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
  • Plus Many More!

*Please note that you will need the Xbox One Headset Adapter from Microsoft and the Xbox Talkback Cable to get game audio and chat or connect this headset you will need to connect this headset using optical out (S/PDIF) for game audio and use the Kinect® for game chat with Xbox One.

Works with:
PS3 XBOX 360
DOLBY Digital Pro Logic Bluetooth Digital Signal Processing DIGITAL RF
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  • Summary
    The Turtle Beach XP500 is a special version of the critically-acclaimed PX5 that’s designed specifically for the XBOX 360 and includes an XBA Bluetooth adapter for wireless XBOX Live chat. Just like the PX5, the XP500 delivers the ultimate gaming audio experience with a programmable digital signal processor, Dolby® Surround Sound, Bluetooth technology, and XBOX LIVE wireless chat, making it the most technologically advanced headset ever designed for the XBOX 360. The DSP allows gamers to enhance and personalize the entire gaming audio experience with fully customizable game, chat and mic signals. Custom presets stored in the Turtle Beach XP500 headset can be selected during specific parts of the game to emphasize sounds like footsteps or reloads that might otherwise be difficult to hear. It can even be programmed to disguise your voice or to enhance the voices of online players so you can hear them more clearly during intense parts of the game. Bluetooth technology lets you chat wirelessly on XBOX LIVE and PSN, answer mobile phone calls and stream music – all while gaming in immersive 360 degree surround sound. Although optimized for Xbox 360 gaming, the Turtle Beach XP500 is also perfect for watching movies and listening to music, with its impeccable audio performance, large, deep, fabric cushions, soft headband, and twist cup designed for resting the headset on your shoulders. The Turtle Beach XP500 continues the evolution of a new breed of wireless gaming headset that serves as the ultimate “secret weapon” in the arsenal of serious gamers seeking unmatched audio quality, sonic control and a competitive advantage.
  • Additional Features

    Additional Features

    • XBA Wireless adapter
    • Sonic Silencers to eliminate background noise from chat
    • Low battery voice prompts
    • Voice morphs to disguise your voice output
    • Ear Guard Blast Limiter protects your ears from sound spikes during gameplay
    • Mic Monitor
    • Independent chat/volume control
    • Breathable mesh ear cushions
    • 50mm speakers
    • Digital optical connection
    • Removable mic
    • Dynamic Chat Boost
  • Tech Guide

    "The headset is ideal for those players who want to enjoy their games in high audio quality but without disturbing others."

    "The audio quality of the Turtle Beach XP500 is excellent."

    "The Turtle Beach XP500 is a serious headset that delivers the comfort, quality and features that serious gamers demand."

  • What's in the Box?
  • How Does it Work?
  • Details
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