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Professional Tournament Grade Sound


The Ear Force Z SEVEN is a professional tournament grade gaming headset for the PC that is licensed and endorsed by Major League Gaming (MLG). It features 50 mm speakers, Surround Sound via USB and a fully programmable digital signal processor (DSP), giving gamers the most immersive audio experience possible on a PC. The Z SEVEN is the perfect headset for the elite e-Sports player or any gamer seeking a pro audio gaming experience.

The programmable DSP allows gamers to enhance and personalize the entire audio experience with fully customizable game, chat, and mic signals. On-the-fly audio preset switching, independent game and chat volumes and more are now at players’ fingertips thanks to the handy control unit. With a sleek and distinctive new design, gamers can also customize the look and feel of the Z SEVEN thanks to its removable mic boom and easily interchangeable speaker plates; it’s the ultimate audio weapon for competitive PC gamers.

Audio Presets - Customize Your Game Sound!

The Ear Force Z SEVEN is also a programmable headset which means you can take your game sound to a whole new level with Audio Presets. With the press of a button, you can hear cues like the sound of unseen footsteps in the distance or a weapon being reloaded so you can gain the ultimate competitive advantage. Even increase the screech of tires racing around a track for a deeper immersion experience. Professional video game sound engineers, the sound experts here at Turtle Beach and gamers like you have created a number of Audio Presets for all the latest games. Learn more by watching this video and joining our Audio Presets Community. Now you can completely immerse yourself in and dominate your games!

Click Here To Read The List of Games with Presets

  • BioShock Infinite
  • Gears of War
  • Tomb Raider
  • Far Cry 3
  • God of War


Turtle Beach is the official Audio Partner of TwitchOfficial Major League Gaming Headset

Works with:
PC Apple Mobile
Digital Signal Processing
  • Overview
    • Features
  • Specifications
    • Package Contents
    • System Requirements
    • Headset
    • Control Unit
  • Details
    • What's in the Box?
    • How Does it Work?
  • Features
    Customizable Presets
    Configure personalized presets to optimize game, chat and mic audio for different gaming situations.  
    Surround Sound
    Immersive 360 degree audio lets you pinpoint the direction of every sound.  
    Programmable Control Unit
    Provides unparalleled audio customization with on-the-fly preset switching, independent game and chat volumes, a programmable control knob and more.
    Separate Chat and Game USB Channels on PC or Mac
    Separate channels on PC/Mac let you individually control chat and game sound levels.  
    Adjustable Surround Sound Angles
    Alter the positioning of the surround sound angles to customize your audio experience.
    Sonic Lens™ + Sound Field Expander
    Widen or narrow the sound field to focus on sound cues that are difficult to hear like enemy footsteps.  
    Voice Morphing
    Disguise your voice by changing the sound from deep lows to screeching highs.
    Ear Guard with Blast Limiter
    Limits the intensity of deafening sounds like explosions and gunfire.
    Sonic Silencers
    Eliminate background noise on your mic and online chat.  
    Dynamic Chat Boost
    Chat volume automatically increases as the game volume gets louder. 
    Auxiliary Input
    Connect a mobile phone or digital audio player while gaming.  
    True 5.1 Channel USB Surround Sound with PC or Mac
    Experience 5.1 channel game audio on PC or Mac through USB interface.  
    Interchangeable Speaker Plates
    Customize the look and feel of your headset with the ability to swap speaker plates.    
    Variable Microphone Monitor
    Adjust the level of your voice heard in the headset, so you won't have to shout.    
  • Package Contents
    • Guide: Quick Start Guide
    • Guide: Presets Reference
    • Sticker: Turtle Beach Sticker
    • Control Unit: Seven Control Unit
    • Breakaway Cable: Headset Breakaway Cable
    • Reference Card: Presets Reference
    • Cable: 3.5mm, 4-pole Auxiliary Cable
    • Cable: 9-Pin DIN PC Speaker Adapter Cable
    • Cable: Audio Control Unit Extender Cable
    • Headset: SEVEN Headset
    • Mobile Device Cable: Mobile Adapter Cable with In-Line Mic
  • System Requirements
    • Mobile Device Connection: 3.5mm, 4-pole jack
    • Console(s): PC/MAC
  • Headset
    • Speakers: 50mm diameter speakers with neodymium magnets
    • Condenser Microphone Frequency Response: 50Hz - 15kHz
    • Weight: 12.2oz/346g
    • Speaker Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
    • Speaker Impedance: 32 ohms
    • Microphone Design: Removable Uni-Directional
    • Earcup Design: Around-Ear (Closed)
  • Control Unit
    • Headset output jack: 3.5mm
    • XBOX 360® chat jack: 2.5mm
    • Auxiliary input jack: 3.5mm
    • Speaker line outjack: 3.5mm
    • Power: USB (5V @ 400mA max)
  • What's in the Box?
  • How Does it Work?
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