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Universal Dolby® 7.1 Surround Sound

The DPX21 combines two of Turtle Beach’s hot products into one deluxe combo package. We took our battle-tested PX21 headset, designed for PS3, XBOX 360® and PC/Mac gaming, and partnered it with the Ear Force DSS to transform the PX21 into a full Dolby® digital surround sound headset. The PX21/DSS combo pushes your PS3 and XBOX 360 gaming experience to a new level with the thrilling realism of Dolby® 7.1 surround sound and crystal-clear communication over PlayStation Network or XBOX LIVE—and saves you a bundle over the cost of buying the PX21 and DSS separately.

The DPX21 gives you a competitive advantage by bringing out sound cues in the game that are difficult to hear with speakers—such as the footsteps of an enemy sneaking up on you or the loading of a weapon at a distance. By combining online chat while immersing yourself in DSS-powered Dolby® 7.1 channel surround sound, you can efficiently communicate with online players without being distracted from the game.

With its exceptional audio quality, online communication and comfortable ergonomic design, the DPX21 can help you become a better player while making it a lot more fun to play your favorite video games!

Turtle Beach is the official Audio Partner of Twitch

Works with:
PS4 PS3 XBOX 360 PC Apple
DOLBY Digital Pro Logic
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  • Features
    Dolby® Digital 7.1 Surround Sound with your favorite games and DVD movies

    Dolby® Pro Logic® IIx reproduces full-range special effects in surround channels

    Dolby® Pro Logic® IIx reproduces full-range special effects in surround channels

    Hear PSN, XBOX LIVE, or online chat plus stereo game sound

    Stereo Expander creates a wider stereo panorama

    Heart-thumping bass boost adds sonic realism
    The built-in Bass Boost feature, which enhances deep-bass effects and makes the game audio even more dramatic.

    This is similar to adding a subwoofer to a home theater system where extra bass introduces additional depth to the overall sound. The Bass Boost effect allows you to hear deep audio cues that would otherwise be difficult to hear, resulting in a valuable advantage over your competition.

    Chat Boost™ dynamic talkback lets you hear chat when the game gets louder

    Chat Boost automatically increases the online chat levels during intense gaming sequences, so communication from teammates isn’t drowned out.

    As the game audio gets louder, the chat volume is automatically increased so you can continue to hear what everyone is saying. When the game volume quiets down, the chat level gradually returns to the normal volume setting. You can see it working by looking at the chat level light, which gets brighter as the game gets louder and the chat level increases.

    It’s a simple solution to an annoying problem, and it happens automatically, so you don’t have to adjust anything!

    Eliminates game sounds picked up by chat mic

    Independent controls for game audio and chat volumes

    Mic monitoring allows you to hear what you're saying

    If you're wearing a headset, it's hard to hear yourself speak, so you'll tend to talk louder. Just like a telephone, it mixes a portion of the microphone signal into the headphone signal, so you can hear some of your voice along with the online chatting and game audio. This lets you easily sense what you're saying, but not so much that it's distracting.

    Mic monitoring not only helps you stop talking so loud, it also eliminates that annoying "clogged ears" feeling when talking while headphones are covering your ears.

    A USB connection provides power - no AC adapters or batteries necessary
  • System Requirements
    • USB port: USB 2.0
    • Xbox 360 Chat Connection: Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller
    • Console(s): PS3/PS4 or Xbox 360
    • Optical Output: S/PDIF Digital Audio
  • Headset
    • Speakers: 40mm diameter speakers with neodymium magnets
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
    • Weight: 6.4 oz (233g)
    • Cable length: 16 ft. (4.87m)
    • Headband/Earpad Material: Fabric Headband and Earpads with Foam Cushioning
    • Microphone Design: Flexible Omni-Directional
    • Earcup Design: Around-Ear
  • Processor
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
    • Digital Signal Processor: 150MIPS Digital Signal Processor for Dolby processing
    • Audio input: Optical TOSLINK digital audio input compatibile with 48kHz digital audio stream
    • Dimensions: Height 3.0 in (7.5 cm), width 2.125 in (5.5 cm), depth 0.75 in (2cm)
    • Power requirements: 5VDC @120mA max
    • Weight: 1.4 Oz (40g)
    • Headphone Amplifier: Stere 35mW/ch, THD<1%
    • Headphone output: Stereo headphone output with volume control for external wired headphones
    • Maximum analog stereo input with volume control on maximum setting: 2Vpp (700mV rms). Input sensitivity may be adjusted to accept higher level signals by lowering the volume control
  • In-line Amplifier
    • Dimensions: Height .5in (1.27cm), Width 2in (5.08cm), Depth .75in (1.905cm)
    • Maximum analog input level with volume control on maximum setting: 2Vpp (700mVrms)
    • Headphone Amplifier: Stereo DC-coupled, 35mW/ch, THD <1%, Frequency Response: DC - 30kHz
    • Bass Boost: Bass Boost continuously adjustable from 0dB to +12dB @ 50Hz
    • Mute switch: Mic mute switch
    • Mic output: 2.5mm mic output jack
    • USB connector for power: USB connector for power, mic connection and stereo audio
    • USB connector for power: 5VDC @ <60mA max
    • Line output: 3.5mm plug for line output
    • Expander switch: Stereo expander switch
  • Package Dimensions
    • Dimensions: 8.75 x 12.5 x 3.7 (inches)
  • Avault

    "...provides outstanding sound reproduction primarily for the PS3 and Xbox 360..."

    4 out of 5 stars - BUY IT

  • Details
  • What's in the Box?
  • How Does it Work?
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