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Stereo Gaming Headset for Xbox One™

Boost your gaming experience with the all-new Ear Force® XO ONE Stereo Gaming Headset from Turtle Beach. Designed to deliver high-quality Xbox One™ game and chat audio straight to your ears, you’ll hear every detail of your favorite games, movies and more through powerful, 50mm speakers. 

  • The included Ear Force XO Headset Audio Controller places game and chat controls right at your fingertips plus variable Mic Monitoring (watch the video!) and Bass Boost.
  • Lightweight, comfortable design
  • Removable mic boom to use with your favorite mobile devices. 

Need help with setup?  Check out the Ear Force XO ONE Setup Video.

We don’t want you to only take our word for it! Why not actually hear the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage you’ll get by taking the Ear Force XO ONE for a test drive at one of our demo stations in a store. You can try one out for yourself at any local Walmart. 

Works with:
Xbox One Mobile
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  • Features
    Amazing Sound 
    Premium 50mm speakers for crisp highs and thumping lows.

    Ear Force XO Headset Audio Controller
    Included Audio Controller puts Game-Chat Mix, Mic Mute, adjustable Mic Monitoring, Bass Boost and Master Volume controls at your fingertips.

    Stop SHOUTING!
    Mic Monitoring lets you hear your own voice in the headset to avoid shouting.

    High-Quality Chat
    High-sensitivity, removable mic for chat on Xbox Live and Skype™. 

    Lightweight & Comfortable
    Smaller and lighter headset design with around-the-ear, mesh ear cushions for longer game sessions.

    Mobile Gaming Versatility
    Disconnect from the Audio Controller to use the XO ONE with your mobile devices.

    For All Your Audio Needs
    XO ONE isn’t just great for games. Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with high quality sound. Then crank up your tunes from music services like Xbox Music™ or Skype™ with friends! 

  • Package Contents
    • Headset: Ear Force® XO ONE Headset
    • Microphone: Removable Microphone
    • Audio Controller: Ear Force XO Headset Audio Controller
    • Cable: Micro USB Update Cable
    • Guide: Quick Start Guide
    • Sticker: Turtle Beach Sticker
  • System Requirements
    • Xbox One Audio Connection: 3.5mm via Audio Controller
    • Mobile Device Connection: Stereo 3.5mm
  • Headset
    • Headband/Earpad Material: Synthetic Leather Headband and Fabric Earpads with Foam Cushioning
    • Speakers: 50mm with Neodymium Magnets
    • Speaker Impedance: 32Ω
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
    • Earcup Design: Around-Ear(Closed)
    • Microphone Design: Removable Omni-Directional Microphone
  • Digital Trends
    This Xbox One headset is a must-have gift for the gamer on your list

    "Every holiday season, game consoles fly off the shelves. Given its popularity and recent price breaks, chances are good that someone on your holiday shopping list is getting an Xbox One. But what they may not be getting is the right chest of accessories to take their new toy to the next level. Extra controllers, rechargeable batteries, and an Xbox Live Gold card are all great ideas, but if you ask us, a quality gaming headset should be a top priority, and the Turtle Beach XO One is one of the best affordable choices on the market right now.

    The little communication headset the Microsoft bundles with its Xbox One console is what we call a throw-away accessory. It does a bare minimum — usually not very well — at the lowest possible price, and costs the manufacturer next to nothing. In this case, the little communication headset will let gamers chat with their friends, but it does not play game audio and, frankly, it isn’t very comfortable for extended use.

    Though the XO One is Turtle Beach’s “entry-level” gaming headset, it will outperform most contenders in the sound quality department alone (save, perhaps, Polk’s Striker series). Add on convenient features such as game/chat audio balance, bass boost, variable mic monitoring, and a detachable microphone, and you’ve got a high-value product on your ears."

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