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We are prepared so you can step right up to the new consoles with your favorite gaming headsets. After the wildly popular PS4™ Chat cable was announced, we are following up with even more accessories so you can be ready for the new next-gen consoles. We have you covered with some awesome new accessories. Plus, learn all about the Xbox One Audio Adapter Upgrade Program so you're ready for the Xbox One™. Check them out on display at our CES booth and also look below for more information.


The Turtle Beach Ear Force PS4™ Chat Cable keeps you connected with friends and teammates on PSN by providing the link between your PS4 Controller and Turtle Beach gaming headset. Price: $10.95


The Turtle Beach Ear Force® PlayStation 4® Talkback Cable connects you with friends and teammates by adding PS4™ chat compatibility to your Turtle Beach gaming headset. With in-line chat volume and a mic mute function, you are in complete control of the conversation. Plus, the included mic foam windscreen further reduces environmental noise for clearer chat communication. Price: $14.95


  • Adjust incoming Chat Volume with inline control wheel.
  • Easily mute your headset mic using inline mute switch.
  • Included mic foam windscreen reduces ambient noise for clearer chat.


Buy an Xbox 360® headset now, jump ahead to the Xbox One™ later. Turtle Beach is excited to announce a limited time offer for Xbox 360® and Xbox One™ gamers. Purchase an XP400, XP510, XP SEVEN, or X42 between November 22, 2013 and January 30, 2014 and receive a free Xbox One headset adapter for your Turtle Beach headset.

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