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As 2014 rushes in so do some really exciting partnerships for Turtle Beach. CES is one of the first places consumers have the chance to hear major announcements by their favorite companies. You already know that we're licensed with Xbox One™ but, we would like to tell you about some new relationships for the New Year! 


A tremendous amount of excitement has surrounded the holiday launch of the powerful PlayStation® 4 entertainment console.  We're about to add excitement to it by announcing our new partnership agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. to create officially licensed headsets for the new PlayStation® 4.  It's a console that gives you amazingly immersive gameplay with powerful graphics and speed.  On November 15, 2013, Turtle Beach launched the PlayStation® 4 headsets, the Ear Force PX4 wireless surround sound gaming headset and Ear Force P4c PlayStation® 4 Chat Communicator.  Get ready for these and more throughout 2014 specifically made for the PlayStation®  4 console.  


We know how much gamers are also anticipating the Titanfall game release in late winter 2014. Step up your game and experience it in the best most immersive way possible with the newly announced Titanfall Atlas. Designed for the Xbox One™ read below to learn all about Titanfall Atlas.


Engage in fast-paced, vertical warfare with the Titanfall™ Ear Force® Atlas Official Gaming Headset. Feel every bone-jarring footfall of your massive Titan, pinpoint enemy locations and stay in clear communication with other pilots as you battle for control of the Frontier.  Price: $149.95


  • Designed for Xbox One  -  Headphones are tuned to provide the highest quality audio from the Xbox One Audio Adapter.
  • Customize Your Audio – Personalize game & chat mix volume, plus mic mute right at your fingertips.
  • Be Heard Loud and Clear - High-Quality removable mic for chat on Xbox One, Skype, and Xbox Live.
  • Comfortable, Twist-Cup Design - Breathable mesh cushions on ear cups rotate-to-flat for wearing around your neck.
  • Bass Boost - Built-in Bass Boost adds more depth and punch to the game audio (Xbox 360 & PC only).
  • Mic Monitor - Hear your own voice in the headset to avoid shouting.
  • For Your Entertainment - Ear Force Atlas isn't just great for Titanfall.  Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with superior quality sound.  Then crank up your tunes from music services like Xbox Music or Skype with friends!  
  • Mobile Gaming - Perfect for gaming on your mobile phone, tablet or portable game devices.
  • Turtle Beach Audio Advantage - With more than 35 years of audio experience, Turtle Beach delivers innovative technology to provide a competitive advantage and the most realistic and immersive audio experience built into a high quality, comfortable headset. Outstanding sound, features and quality. That’s why we are #1 in Gaming Audio.

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