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document Test Procedure for end-users - Surround Headphones only
Ear Force X52 - FAQs Test Procedure for end-users - Surround Headphones onlyThe way to test...
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document Troubleshooting - FAQ
Ear Force X52 - FAQs Troubleshooting - FAQX-51, X-52 Volume level difference between Left & Right:...
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document Testing the Mic of your Headphones- How To:
1) Detach the mic from the headset. 2) Plug the mic into the...
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document Microphone - How to test
Here's a quick test of the mic: While wearing the...
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document Distortion, Crackling - Speakers blown?
Ear Force HPA, HPA2 - FAQs ...
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document Feedback - Mic Echoing problems
Q: For some reason my microphone input combines with output and...
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document Skype, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak - Line In is deselected >Mic In is selected
By default, 'Skype' 'Ventrilo' 'TeamSpeak' 'Windows Messenger' and other "Voice over IP" programs...
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document Easy test for Surround Headphones (no PC required)
Easy Test Procedure for end-users - Surround Headphones only ...
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document Static/Popping/Crackling noises
ISSUE:   Static/Popping/Crackling noises are usually the...
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document Sound Distortion - Poor Quality
Please note that boosting excessively Frequencies in the audio...
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