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Why Turtle Beach?

Turtle Beach transforms your gaming world with a revolutionary selection of cutting edge technologies. Surround sound audio, pristine fidelity, wireless functionality, and precision customization come together to create a product that completes your high definition gaming experience and puts you a step up on the standard headset competition.

Why Do I Need a
Turtle Beach Headset?
Discover the Benefits of the Technology
Video games are more immersive than ever
The difference between the ordinary video game audio you hear from your television’s speakers versus the sound you experience while wearing a Turtle Beach headset is like the visual difference between watching a program on standard television versus watching that same program in high definition (HDTV).
There’s an overwhelming difference in quality, clarity, crispness, realism and overall experience, but you’ll never know until you try it for yourself.
Modern video games like Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty®: Ghosts represent the latest and greatest in gaming technology, and they deserve to be experienced with the best in entertainment technology. There’s little doubt that the experience of playing a game like Skyrim would suffer on an old, small, standard definition television: You’d miss out on a lot of the visual experiences that make the game what it is.
HDTV deserves
HDTV sound
Many gamers don’t realize it, but listening to your video game’s sound through inadequate speakers is like playing your game on a sub-par TV. Even if you have a high definition television, if you’re listening to your games through the small built in speakers you’re missing out on an enormous amount of the immersive gaming experience you paid for in the first place!
Over 35 Years of Music & Audio Excellence

Turtle Beach is the market leader in video game headsets – we’ve been in the audio business for over 35 years, and now we’re innovating and changing the way people hear their video games with a wide range of headsets that appeal to just about every gaming demographic there is.

Whether you want the competitive edge of being able to hear your enemies’ footsteps in online multiplayer or the adrenaline rush of the crowd roaring in your ears as you score a touchdown, you can count on Turtle Beach to deliver the unparalleled audio experience you deserve.

So come to the Beach. Once you’ve heard what we have to offer, you’ll never want to leave.

Active Noise Cancellation
Silence unwanted background sound for an immersive listening experience with Active Noise Cancellation.
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Audio Presets

Customize your settings to create your perfect sound experience – and then recreate it at the touch of a button!

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Bass Boost
Bass Boost enhances all those deep rumbling sounds you hear in a game.  From earthquakes, to explosions, to the crunch of gravel underfoot, feel it all every step of the way.
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Turtle Beach Bluetooth integration means that you can answer phone calls with your headset while playing, so nothing can get between you and your game.

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Chat Boost
Chat Boost™ - Turtle Beach created and owned technology where chat volume increases as game volume increases.
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DTS Headphone: X
Turtle Beach is the first to have DTS Headphone:X™ 7.1 Surround Sound in a headset.  Read all about it.
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Here at Turtle Beach it is very important to us to not only stay on the cutting edge of technology bringing you the newest and best in audio, but to also create products that last. 
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Dual Band WiFi

Sick of interference between your wireless gadgets? With Dual Band Wifi you won’t have to worry about any more mixed signals.

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Superhuman Hearing
From footsteps to reloads, Superhuman Hearing lets you hear it all.   It is an exclusive technology that really gives you a competitive advantage.
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Rechargeable Batteries
Turtle Beach's built-in rechargeable batteries deliver up to 15 hours of continuous game play. 
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Mic Monitoring
No need to shout just to hear yourself talk when wearing your headset with the Mic Monitoring feature.
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Surround Sound

Get premium sound system quality audio that won’t wake up the neighbors with Turtle Beach’s revolutionary surround sound headphone technology, giving you a true surround sound experience.

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Voice Morph
Want to say something over chat but you didn't quite want everyone to know it's you saying it? With voice morph you can do just that and more.
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Nobody likes to be tied down, which is why Turtle Beach offers a variety of wireless headsets so you can get great audio no matter where you’re sitting.
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Wireless Chat
Thanks to fully wireless chat, you don’t have to be connected to your console to be connected with your team.
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Discover the Benefits of the Technology
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