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Turtle BeachJune 28, 2022

Dr Disrespect has ‘big concerns’ about Warzone 2, and will 'fall short of the original'


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Dr Disrespect has ‘big concerns’ about Warzone 2, and will ‘fall short of the original’


June 28, 2022

We know Warzone 2 is coming later this year following the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, but already it has a lot of work to do to convince Dr Disrespect that it’s going to be worth his time playing the game.

The renowned streamer and former Call of Duty developer has raised a few concerns about the game before it’s properly been announced by Activision.

“Is Warzone 2 going to be the savior (of Call of Duty)? I don’t know man. I don’t know,” The Doc said on his latest stream (Via Dexerto)

“I can see some initial hype but nothing like the original Warzone map and the original Verdansk,” Doc Continued. “I just don’t see it. I think what we see is the slow decline.”

“Unless they come up with some crazy… I don’t know man. I just don’t think the engine can be pushed any further, it’s maxed out.”

“We’ll be playing it, obviously. But in terms of its legs and how far it can run, I don’t think it’ll run as far as let’s say the Verdansk energy.”

After suggesting that Warzone 2 might not be able to match the “energy” of the original Verdansk map, Doc went on to suggest the developers may need to spend some time on a “massive overhaul” of the game’s engine.

“To have all these resources in the palm of your hand, but to be limited by the potential of this engine, or the capabilities of this engine, it kind of sucks,” the two-time added. “I feel like they just need to move off of it or do some massive overhaul.”

Of course, let’s not forget that Doc is currently hard at work behind the scenes with his Midnight Society Game which is also intended as a verticle battle royale shooter.

More recently the team at Midnight Society held an in-person event to meet some of their ‘Project Moon’ backers and it’s expected they’ll have more to share on the game in the coming weeks.

They even took time to take over a New York City billboard with a rather impressive-looking display (see below) which concluded with a message that read: “Enter the existence. July 29th.”


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