The Danish Counter-Strike team is one of the strongest teams in the scene and their 2018 has been second to none. Together with RFRSH Entertainment and the strong team behind them, they’ve brought the professional level of esports to a whole new level. With a Team Psychologist, a former Olympic medal Winner as Sports Director, and a large physical team, ranging from a Body SDS therapist to a Clinical Dietician, behind them, the five Astralis players and their coach have set a new standard for the professional take on performance in their field.

The best possible facilities and training methods is central to the Astralis organisation. This is also seen in their work with their partners, whether it’s on stage appearance, Social Media handling or behind-the-scenes footage. As ruling Major Champions and the #1 team in the 2018 world rankings, Astralis have proven that they not only came up with a new and determined way of doing their jobs, they’ve created a successful recipe, setting an example for the future generations of esports professionals.