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What we do

When it comes to gaming audio, nothing competes with the powerful signature sound, crystal clear chat, and unmatched comfort of a Turtle Beach headset. In 2005, Turtle Beach pioneered the way for high-quality gaming audio with the very first console gaming headset – the X51 – and since then we’ve led the industry by designing innovative, best-in-class products that elevate your game experiences to the next level through precision audio.

Whether you’re just starting out, a casual player, a hardcore gamer or an esports pro, Turtle Beach has the right headset for you. From Xbox and PlayStation® consoles to PC, Mac® and mobile/tablet devices, you’ll gain the competitive edge and start winning more with a Turtle Beach gaming headset.

Stealth 600

What we believe

At Turtle Beach, we believe audio is half the gaming experience, and the better you can hear, the better you’ll play. A Turtle Beach gaming headset is designed to deliver the amazing sound, comfort, features and functionality we know gamers want. Our specialized headsets can help you hone your skills, master your games, and conquer every challenge that comes your way. Hear Everything. Defeat Everyone.™

Turtle Beach - ELITE PRO - Tournament Gaming Headset

A proven innovator

You don’t conquer a game on your first play-through, and you don’t become the world’s leading gaming headset brand overnight. Turtle Beach’s journey began back in 1975 as a small company called Octave Electronics which created music and audio-related products like analog music synthesizers, PC sound cards and more. Throughout the company’s 40+ year history, Turtle Beach has evolved into today’s premiere console gaming headset brand.

And as the industry has grown, so has Turtle Beach, developing advanced, award-winning gaming headsets and audio accessories for gamers from all walks of life, including professional esports athletes and streamers on Twitch and YouTube. In fact, in addition to creating the first ever console gaming headset, Turtle Beach has consistently leveraged its audio expertise and drive for innovation to bring groundbreaking features to market first.

A History of Firsts

  1. 1stGaming Headset: X51
  2. 2007
    1stWireless Gaming Headset: X3
  3. 1stDolby Surround Gaming Headset: X4
  4. 2009
    1stRF Wireless Headsets: X31 & X41
  5. 1stWireless Programmable Headsets: PX5 & XP500
  6. 2013
    1stDTS Surround Headset: iSeries
  7. 1stTruly 100% Wireless Xbox One Headset: 500x
  8. 2016
    1stHeadset reimagined for eSports athletes: Elite Pro
    Livestreaming mic for Xbox One, PS4™, Mac, PC: Stream Mic
    Headset designed to work specifically with VR: Stealth 350VR
  9. 2017
    1stXbox Wireless Tech for Stealth 600/Stealth 700

How we innovate

Our sole mission is to help gamers play their best — at every level, in every game — and our competitive approach focuses on four key pillars of innovation:

Advanced Audio

Our industry-leading approach to audio has resulted in technologies designed to give gamers an unbeatable edge, including features like Superhuman Hearing™, Windows Sonic and DTS Headphone:X® Surround Sound technology, large and powerful 50mm speakers, active noise-cancellation, Bluetooth® connectivity and more.

Clear Communication

When it comes to multiplayer gaming, crystal clear communication is the difference between victory and defeat. Turtle Beach continues to take team chat and player-to-player communication to new levels with features like Mic Monitoring and Dynamic Chat Boost™, independent control of game and chat audio levels, and Turtle Beach’s premium high-sensitivity microphones that ensure your voice is heard loud and clear.

Comfort & Design

Whether your typical gaming session lasts a few hours or a few days, comfort is a tactical advantage. Turtle Beach headsets are designed to be lightweight and comfortable while delivering an amazing gaming audio experience. Some of our latest comfort-driven innovations enhance both fit and feel, with features like our unique ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System and cooling-gel infused memory foam ear cushions that keep you cool in the heat of battle.

Inclusive Innovation

Not every gamer is the same, which is why Turtle Beach develops high-quality gaming headsets across a wide range of features and price points. We have a headset for every gamer out there, from beginners to pro esports athletes, and everyone in between.

Turtle Beach Inc

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