PX5 Headset Issues with Microphone on PS3

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PX5 Headset Issues with Microphone on PS3

Postby chibihunta » Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:13 pm

Hello All,

I just purchased the PX5 headset not long ago to use with my gaming consoles mainly my PS3 for now however I've ran into an issue with the Microphone not working. I feel like I've tried nearly everything but figured submitting all the info I can in here might help with solving the mystery. So to provide as much detail to what I've tried so far to start I've been able to hook up the the Optical cable and the USB cable from the PS3 to the Headset Digital RF and then going into the PS3 Settings > Sound Settings > Audio Output Settings then select Optical Digital > Dolby Digital 5.1 Ch. > Enter which gets my sound working perfectly. The sound provided by this are amazing by the way. Anyways after that I go to Accessory Settings > Manage Bluetooth Devices then click yes for adding a bluetooth device. At this point I just turn on the PX5 and then hold the BT MFB button till the bluetooth part is off. After this I just click the same button holding it until it's blinking blue and red then I hit the scanning button on the PS3 till it finds TURTLE BEACH PX5 which I just click on and put in the 0000 Pass Key then click ok. Last but not least I'll then back out to Accessory Settings and click into Audio Device Settings. In here I just set the Input Device and Output Device as TURTLE BEACH PX5. After this is set usually I can see the microphone bar moving up top when testing it a bit but then after a while it just cuts out or if not right away it does after I load up Modern Warfare Black ops 2. It shows the mic but no sound goes through. I can hear other people speaking and the game sound but they just can't hear me. Sorry for the long and detailed setup spam I provided but wanted to make sure it's known that I had it setup correctly. Alright now to move on to what I have tried beyond this. I've removed the mic boom then clicked it back in, Hit the mute button, tried turning off the bluetooth and back on, Changed through all the presets including the main, Changed the bluetooth volume up and down, Tried rechargeable AA batteries and even updated the firmware on the headset. After trying to change several settings on the PS3 I just ended up taking the PX5 Headset back to Gamestop and replacing it with a new one to see if that would fix it. Once again I ran into the same issue with the new one so I'm starting to think it might be my PS3. After this I ended up taking my PX5 Headset over to a friends place to test it on his PS3 and it works perfectly which really made me think it was my PS3. He has an older model of PS3 even but just to mention I have the CECH 3001A model if that helps. He borrowed me his last headset which is the basic PS3 one that just latches on the ear and only does the mic and voices. After setting that one up on mine with the bluetooth it worked perfectly allowing me to talk being heard and hear the other players... So at this point I'm tempted to call the PS3 help line to see if they have any ideas but first I decided to submit this for help. Please give me some ideas that that I haven't tried that might help fix my PX5 headset microphone.

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Re: PX5 Headset Issues with Microphone on PS3

Postby TB_Ciemnika » Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:43 pm

If you're having trouble with the headset, fill out a support ticket. That way, we can get a tech assigned to your case and follow up via email and make sure you're taken care of:
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Re: PX5 Headset Issues with Microphone on PS3

Postby faisal.maad » Tue Dec 10, 2013 4:41 am

i'm having the same exact isuue, any new solutions? please help. thankx.
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