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document 802.11 Wireless Network RF Interference caused by Router
SYMPTOM: Router Knocks Out RF Transmitter / Receiver resulting in Pops,...
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document Xbox Live automatically signs me out
Q:  I received my X31's today and got them hooked up without any problems....
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document Battery life too short
A good pair of "Alkaline" batteries should last at least 20 hours in...
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document No power
Q: The headset refuses to turn on, after replacing the batteries. Any ideas? A: - Double-check...
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document 5.1/7.1 Dolby surround - FAQ
Q:  If the game doesn't use 7.1 sound, what is the point of having of...
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document Auto Shut-down in Wireless Headsets
All of our wireless headsets have an auto shut-down feature designed to save...
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