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document Microphone - Specs
Ear Force X52 - FAQs Microphone - SpecsThe removable headset microphones (X51, X52, HPA, HPA2) are...
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document General FAQ
Ear Force X52 - FAQs ...
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document Cable Lengths - Weight - Descriptions
Ear Force X52 - FAQs Cable Lengths - Weight - Descriptions Headphones Cable: Length: 49" ...
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document Accessories - In-Line Active Amp - Optional Accessory
Ear Force X52 - FAQs Accessories - In-Line Active Amp - Optional AccessoryOptional Accessory: 6...
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document Sound Card Settings
Ear Force X52 - FAQs Sound Card SettingsMost sound cards allow setting the output levels and...
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document What's In the Box
Ear Force X52 - FAQs What's In the Box Collapsible Headphones Easily fold for convenient storage...
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document Surround Sound Headphones
Ear Force X52 - FAQs Surround Sound Headphones Enjoy True 5.1 Channel Surround Sound without a...
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document All your ears are belong to us
"All your ears are belong to us" This is on a sticker included in...
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document General FAQ
Q:  I had been told by another company that Dolby Digital...
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document Xbox Compatibility?
Our Ear Force HPA2, X52 surround sound headsets were designed ...
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document Mini-DIN 9 Connector Pinouts and Specifications:
The following Turtle Beach products use a 9-pin DIN Connector: Z6A, HPA, HPA2, HPX,...
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document Skype or other VoIP Internet Phone apps and Headphones?
The Ear Force "X" series of gaming headsets are designed specifically for use with the Xbox 360...
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