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document AXT & Xbox - Mic Sound Quality
Ear Force AXT - FAQs AXT & Xbox - Mic Sound QualityQ: When the EarForce AXT is plugged into an...
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document I cannot hear other players
Ear Force AXT - FAQs I cannot hear other playersIn order to hear others during online play, you...
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document Troubleshooting
Ear Force AXT - FAQs TroubleshootingAXT White Noise: Q: Hi I just recently purchased and received...
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document Xbox & AXT FAQ
Ear Force AXT - FAQs Xbox & AXT FAQComputer Gaming Headphones (NOT compatible with the Xbox): -...
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document Xbox 360 Hum
Ear Force AXT - FAQs Xbox 360 HumQ: The sound quality is very good, however whenever the wireless...
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document Mic Troubleshooting Guide - Test (by leaving a Voice Msg in Live)
Ear Force X2 - FAQs ...
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