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document Microphone does NOT work - Test using a PC (X12, X11, X1)
This test is to find out if your Talkback (chat) Cable has failed, or the X12, X11, or X1 mic. It...
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document Test X1 Playback with a PC Soundcard - X1 Mic
X1 Mic If you're having trouble with your X1, you can plug it...
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document Vibration - with Xbox wired controller
When the Xbox wired controller is used, the "vibration" can be also...
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document I cannot hear any game audio
Q:  The X1, X11, X12 is all connected but I can only hear the...
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document Talkback Cable (Not the Puck) does not work
Make sure that the switch on the cable is on "ON" and the Headset is...
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document Chat Sounds 'Robotic'
The online chat is actually sent through XBL / PSN Servers over the Internet. The audio is data...
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document Headset gets HOT when connected to PC via USB
QUESTION:  Today I bought a Turtle Beach headset, and I just plugged it...
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document Only One Ear Cup Works - OneSideBad
NOTE: Make sure that you do not mistake the yellow video RCA for the white...
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document Live Chat works with the Wired Xbox 360 Controller but NOT with the wireless
If you are using a wireless network or other wireless products, chances are...
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