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Elite Pro 2 Ear Cushion - Left


One (1) replacement left ear cushion for the Elite Pro 2 headset. Purchase both the right and left ear cushions to upgrade the standard Elite Atlas ear cushions with cooling gel.

CompatibilityFits Elite Pro 2 and Elite Atlas headsets. Does not fit Elite Pro headset or any other Turtle Beach headset.

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Additional Features

ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System

Turtle Beach’s patented ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System is built into the Elite Pro 2’s earcups, featuring an easy adjustment to create a small channel in the ear cushion allowing gamers who wear glasses to finally play in comfort.


Groundbreaking material technologies combine for the best of both worlds when it comes to competitive gaming and comfort. Smooth athletic fabric combined with unique, cooling gel-infused memory foam keeps players comfortable. Separate internal and external leather sidewalls provide passive noise-isolation for blocking out the roar of the crowd, as well as deeper bass response for better sound.