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Nick FarrellMay 22, 2024

All New Aftermarket Parts In Modern Warfare 3 Season 4

Modern Warfare 3 is now the main focal point for Call of Duty fans for the next while, and with the release of Season 4 looming, they've announced some major news. 

This comes in the form of some new aftermarket parts, and there's eight new ones players will want to get familiar with before diving into the new season. 

All New Aftermarket Parts In Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 

Modern Warfare 3 Season 4 will be releasing on May 29, and in the leadup to this, they've announced a flurry of new changes coming.

We're getting some new aftermarket parts, and as players know, these are going to drastically alter how some weapons operate in the game. 

All of the parts are listed below, thanks to Infinity Ward


JAK Harbinger Kit

Compatibility: M4 Assault Rifle (MWII)

 This .50 Cal conversion kit for the M4 is an extremely deadly, quick-kill weapon. The slow fire rate, drop in bullet velocity, and a significant increase in recoil will require a careful hand.

JAK Gunslinger

Compatibility: Basilisk Handgun (MWII)

A frame and cylinder conversion that allows the revolver to hold eight rounds of .357 ammunition with an exceptional increase to rate of fire and a near instantaneous trigger action. 

JAK Volkh

Compatibility: KV Inhibitor Sniper Rifle (MWIII)

A meticulously crafted stock and receiver modification that updates the weapon to fire a two-round burst at minimal MOA dispersion, making every trigger pull count.

JAK Scimitar Kit

Compatibility: FJX Horus Submachine Gun (MWIII)

Improved range and recoil are standard with this aftermarket kit which also unlocks the use of a high-capacity drum mag for the FJX Horus.

JAK Thumper-656 

Compatibility: RGL-80 Launcher (MWIII)

An improved long barrel for an infantry-carried grenade launcher. Fires projectiles at higher velocities and distances. Compatible with a wider variety of launcher projectiles. 

JAK Requiem 

Compatibility: Kastov 762 Assault Rifle (MWII)

A counter-balanced rifle system designed to completely eliminate vertical recoil.

JAK Decimator 

Compatibility: Lachmann Shroud Submachine Gun (MWII)

This modification allows the Lachmann Shroud to fire in full auto.

JAK Intimidator 

Compatibility: Renetti Handgun (MWIII)

Slow down your fire rate and take more deliberate shots with this modification that changes the Renetti to a single-shot weapon.

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