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Turtle BeachOctober 7, 2021

How To Play World At War Zombies Nacht Der Untoten And Arcade Games In Forsaken

Killing Zombies has its perks...

Season 6 of Cold War has brought with it the new Zombies map Forsaken!

While it's an exciting map, it can be difficult if you're unfamiliar with its layout and where things are. You also need to be aware that it gets far more difficult as time goes on as the Zombies get stronger.

So, you'll need to be well equipped and what better way to deal with hordes of the undead than getting perks?

Here's where to find all perk machines in Forsaken.

All Perk Machine Locations In Forsaken


This is the first machine you should come across and is located in the second area called 'Checkpoint'. It's located on the ground floor, on the left hand-side as you enter. It's conveniently located next to the stairs so it's hard to miss.


This perk is located in the next area called 'Main Street'. Once you enter Main Street, head left and towards the Beach Pizza building; it's located next to a wall with a hole in it.

Tombstone Soda

Carry on through until you reach the back end of Main Street and it's propped up against the right hand-side building. Alternatively, head to the beginning of Main Street and simply run straight up until you reach the end.

Quick Revive

This is located in the building behind Tombstone Soda called 'Storage Zone 5'. You can get there easily by heading right from the start of Main Street and heading through the big double doors and right through (staying on the ground floor) until you reach it.

Elemental Pop

This Perk is located in the Burger Town restaurant located in Anytown, which is the third area on the map after entering through the next Teleporter from Main Street.

PhD Flopper

Once you've repaired the Teleporter, made your way through the Bunker you'll reach the Observation Tower. The PhD Flopper machine is located in the same room as the main console with the red button.

Death Perception

Located at the start of the map in the Staging Area, it's located in the top right corner from your spawn point.

Deadshot Daquiri

This one is in the Bar, which is situated next to the TV Store. It can be easily missed as it's not massively obvious or indicated by objectives. Head through the TV Store in the direction of the Teleporter (Anytown East) and the door is right in-front of you.

Mule Kick

Upon entering Anytown form the Teleporter, immediately drop down and turn around; you'll land outside the Video Store. Opening the door will cost you $1500, but will be crucial for part of the Pack-A-Punch quest and will give you access to Mule Kick.

Speed Cola

As you head through the Teleporter into Anytown, head upwards and you'll come across a locked gate that costs $1,250 to open. Open it, head across the bridge and you'll find Speed Cola. You can also access it from opening the Bar and heading up the stairs.

Der Wunderfizz

The Wunderfizz will grant you any perk in the game at random. This is located in the Office and again can be easily missed.

Once you've fixed the Teleporter from Anytown and have head through you'll reach the Bunker Entrance. Head past the front desk, through the hallway and there will be an open double door to your left. Head through, past the massive desk and the Wunderfizz is on your left.

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