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Turtle BeachSeptember 8, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Crudites


Disney Dreamlight Valley has been looking to be one of the more promising games to release in 2022, and players are amped for the Disney/Animal Crossing mix.

Now, with the game released worldwide, there's a ton of content to dive into, and one of the cooler points of content, is the in-game cooking.

We're going to runover how players will be able to make the Crudites recipe within Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Crudites

To some players surprise, the cooking portion within Dreamlight Valley is rather extensive, as there's over 100 recipe's for players to learn and make for various characters within the game.

Furthermore, one of the main missions, 'Missing Minnie' requires you to make Crudites, which is a vegetable dish commonly served in France.

While Dreamlight Valley doesn't hand you a recipe list, the Crudites are very easy to make and you won't have any trouble gathering these ingredidents, as you more than likely have them on you already.

In order to make this dish, you're going to need the following.

  • Any vegetable that IS NOT lettuce

You'll need five Crudites in order to complete this portion of the Missing Minnie questline!