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Turtle BeachOctober 6, 2022

GTA Online Halloween Update: Release Date, New Event, Content, Patch Notes and More


GTA Online is best known for its wild content, and consistent updates, but players are always looking ahead to major event updates.

While we just got the Criminal Enterpirse update, we're already looking ahead to what could be next.

Here's all we know about GTA Online's Halloween update for 2022!

GTA Online Halloween Update: Release Date

This kinda seems mundane, but we can assume the Halloween update is going to release sometime in October of 2022.

Last year, Rockstar released the Halloween update, on October 28 and ran until November 3rd, 2021.

So, we can expect the same timeline this year, so not to long to check out all the new content within the game.

GTA Online Halloween Update: Patch Notes

No news yet into what Rockstar has planned for this years update, but we can take some guesses based off last years content.

2021 was all about UFOs and Clowns, so it would be weird if they implemented the same theme this time around. However, there have been some links to UFOs as of late, so maybe it'll be connected once again!

GTA Online Halloween Update: New Vehicles

Once again, we don't really have any information regarding the Halloween Update, but we can assume there will be some sort of vehicles added for players to drive during the week long event!

Be sure to bookmark this tab, as we never know when leaks are going to pile in regarding the Halloween update.

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