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Turtle BeachJune 28, 2022

GTA Online: How To Get Maude Missions & All Bounty Locations




GTA Online: How To Get Maude Missions & All Bounty Locations


June 28, 2022

In the lead-up to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games added a series of new things to do in GTA Online which were intended help players unlock exclusive content.

One of these was a series of new Bounty Hunter Missions, which brought back Maude Eccles. Players will likely recall Maude from the Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode, who sent Trevor Philips on a number of bounty hunting missions across San Andreas before she retired.

Fast forward a few years and she’s back in GTA Online. Thankfully not a lot has changed, with Maude requiring your assistance to track down a few more crooks on the run.

If you’re having some trouble with these missions or just looking up what you’ll have to do, then read on for everything you need to know about Maude’s Bounty Hunter Missions.

How To Get Maude’s Missions

First players will need to get set up in Los Santos and complete the first three tutorial missions. Eventually, you should receive a text (see below) from Maude offering work as a bounty hunter.

Hello stranger! I interest you in some bounty hunting? We’re in no short supply of those that need bringing into the bosom of the law. Just need to find them or kill them if needs be?

– Maude’s introductory text message

As soon as you receive this text from Maude you can start the missions and experience her “burnin’ passion for justice”.

Just open the text message on your phone to view it and accept the job. Soon enough Maude should get in touch again with details of the first bounty target.

Where is Maude’s Trailer in GTA Online

Maude’s trailer is located on an unnamed dirt road off East Joshua Road in Grapeseed, Blaine County, northeast of the Beam Me Up art installation.

Why am I not getting the text from Maude?

Some players have reported not receiving the text from Maude in GTA Online and whilst there doesn’t seem to be a specific cause for the issue, some players/streamers/sites have suggested the following list of solutions:

  • Resign as a CEO or Associate. Some players report receiving texts immediately after resigning from a CEO role. We assume this is to do with some sort of in-game reset. (Via progameguides.com)
  • Some Redditors have suggested driving and parking directly outside Maude’s house and on some occasions, the messages should start appearing.

How to find Maude’s Bounty Targets

After accepting her invitation Maude will contact the player via email with a mugshot of the target she wants you to track down.

Players should notice that there is a GPS marker with an approximate last known location marked on the player’s map. If you head to this rough location you willl need to search the vicinity for the target. Like the Treasure Hunt mission, players will hear a metallic wind chime sound effect the closer you get to the target.

You will need to decide if you want to kill or incapacitate the target, obviously noting that you’ll earn less money if they’re dead when you return them to Maude at her trailer. Since some melee weapons will one-shot kill the target, use something like a nightstick to safely get them to surrender without dying. Once they surrender they will voluntarily follow you into a vehicle so you can drive them to Maude’s trailer.

It’s also worth noting that if the player dies while transporting the target, the progress will roll back to the previous bounty and a new target will be given. In addition, if the bounty dies, then the game will progress to the next bounty as if the player killed the target.

GTA Online Maude Bounty Targets

Maude Bounty Target Locations

Although players only have to collect five bounty targets for Maude, these five are randomly selected from a list of 20 possible NPCs scattered across San Andreas. As we mention, you should receive a rough location on your map which gives you the vicinity of where to find your bounty target.

Otherwise, here are all 20 Maude bounty target locations in GTA Online:

  1. Chumash North
  2. Chumash South (Great Ocean Highway)
  3. Kortz Center (Pacific Bluffs)
  4. Del Perro Pier
  5. Vespucci
  6. Richard’s Majestic (Backlot City)
  7. Rockford Hills
  8. Vinewood Boulevard (Vinewood)
  9. Madrazo’s Ranch (Vinewood Hills)
  10. Mirror Park
  11. Legion Square
  12. El Burro Heights
  13. Paleto Bay North
  14. Paleto Bay South
  15. Procopio Truck Stop (Mount Chiliad)
  16. Grapeseed
  17. Sandy Shores North
  18. Sandy Shores South
  19. Harmony
  20. Grand Senora Desert

And here is a map showing all of the potential locations of the bounty targets and the treasure chest reward you get for completing all five.

GTA Online Bounty Target Locations

Maude Mission Rewards

How much money do you get from Maude? It’s simple really since the amount of money is identical to what Trevor Phillips earned in story mode.

Every live bounty returned to Maude will pay $10,000 in cash, but dead bounty targets will only pay $5,000. It goes without saying then that you’re better off bringing in the bail jumpers alive, rather than dead.

Once you’ve completed five of these bounties for Maude she will send you another text informing you that the last bail jumper had a stash which she is sending you the coordinates to.

Follow the coordinates to find a treasure chest that contains the exclusive Stone Hatchet; but that isn’t the end of things though!

Once you have the Stone Hatchet, you’ll need to get 25 kills while using it. Once you have killed 25 enemies, you’ll unlock a further $250,000 reward in GTA Online, and the Stone Hatchet will become available as an exclusive weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2.

That’s everything you need to know about the Maude Missions in GTA Online, however, if you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks, and explainers.

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