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Nick FarrellJune 19, 2024

How Does The Prestige System Work In Call of Duty Black Ops 6? Answered

The annual release of Call of Duty is one that many gamers look forward to each year, and this year is no exception.

Now, there’s an abundance of news pertaining to Black Ops 6, including the return of the beloved prestige system

Here's what we know. 

How Does The Prestige System Work In Call of Duty Black Ops 6? Answered 

Black Ops 6 will look to revitalize the franchise after some turbulent years, where players felt a little bit of a disconnect between one another. 

This is why they're going back to the basics, and a large aspect of this is the prestige system, which is back. Allowing players to relevel once they hit max level, and unlock everything all over. 

Players can look forward to experiencing some classic, recognizable aspects of Prestige once you reach your maximum player level. At this point, you have the optional choice to enter Prestige. This essentially starts your ranking up afresh, relocking the gear you grinded through from levels 1-55, enabling you to go through the leveling journey again. 

Black Ops 6 will have 10 of these Prestiges, each with a valuable set of rewards to earn and equip to showcase your impressive in-game status. But you aren’t done yet, as those completing Prestige 10 will graduate into Prestige Master, with 1,000 additional levels to climb through, and a classified reward to uncover if you’re dedicated enough to make it all the way to the end.