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Turtle BeachDecember 6, 2021

What Is The Victory Crown In Fortnite?

Shine Away

Fortnite has now released its third chapter, and with the premier of Chapter 3 Season 1, players have a whole new map to experience.

Epic has always been touted for sprucing their game up quite a bit when a new seasons releases, and this is once again the case for Chapter 3.

Players may have noticed that over the course of a match that some players names are identified in gold.

This is because Epic has added a new Victory Crowns feature for this season, and we're going to run over what it means down below!

What Does The Victory Crown Mean?

Victory Crowns are essentially mini-showcases for placing high enough in certain Fortnite matches.

Players will light up gold on the map, and other players will have the chance to steal your crown if you're eliminated.

Epic has also noted the following on Victory Crowns.

The crown will shine in all its glory, making you stand out to those seeking a Victory Crown of their own. Hold on to your crown for bonus XP during the match, and if you’re skilled enough to win while wearing the crown, you’ll get an exclusive Emote — showing off the total number of Crowned Victory Royales you’ve earned during the Season!

Victory Crowns are present in the core Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads modes. Here’s how the crowns are conferred:

  • Solo: Top four players

  • Duos: Players in the top two teams

  • Trios: Players in the top team

  • Squads: Players in the top team

So be on the lookout for other players wearing their crowns, and don't forget to show your's off as well!

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