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Turtle BeachDecember 1, 2020

Epic Announces Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Service


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Epic Announces Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription Service


December 1, 2020

Epic has a real money-maker in Fortnite.  Millions of players funnel into the game each month, and they’re buying emotes, skins, character packs, and so much more.  That’s a lot of monetization, but it doesn’t lead to a steady amount that Epic can count on.  Players only buy content when they see something they like, which means some players might spend every month, while others make purchases once or twice a year.  Epic wants to turn Fortnite fans into a dependable source of monthly revenue.  That’s why they’re introducing the brand new Fortnite Crew monthly subscription service.

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Starting December 2nd, 2020, Epic will be launching the Fortnite Crew service for players worldwide.  A Fortnite Crew subscription is priced at $12 a month, which certainly sounds a bit steep at first.  People pay that sort of money a month for streaming services that offer up thousands upon thousands of hours of content.  While some might scoff at Fortnite asking for the same amount of cash, breaking down the content included in the Fortnite Crew service actually makes it seem like quite a value.

Right off the bat, a Fortnite Crew subscription will give players access to all Battle Pass content for the full Season.  Players had to previously purchase a Battle Pass separately in order to get exclusive unlocks and more, but now all of that content is lumped into a Fortnite Crew subscription.  Previously, a standard Battle Pass would cost around $10, while the second tier option was priced at about $25.  Depending on how you look at things, the cost of the Fortnite Crew subscription could be worth it for Battle Pass fans alone.

Along with the Battle Pass, Fortnite Crew members will also get 1,000 V-Bucks for free each month.  This is on top of the V-Bucks you earn just by working your way through the Battle Pass.  1,000 V-Bucks would normally cost players $10, so once again, for nearly the price of the Fortnite Crew subscription, you’re getting $10 worth of in-game currency.  This can be used in the Fortnite shop to buy whatever content you want that isn’t already included in the Fortnite Crew subscription or Battle Pass.

Most importantly, each Fortnite Crew subscription includes a monthly Crew Pack.  This will include brand-new outfit bundles that are only available to those subscribed to Fortnite Crew.  An outfit bundle is said to pack in a new skin and at least one accessory to go with it.  Epic makes it extremely clear that these outfits are never going to be made available to non-Fortnite Crew members.  If you see something you like in the Fortnite Crew Pack, the only way you’ll ever be able to access it is through a subscription.

$12 a month for any game is certainly an amount not to take lightly, but Epic has made the offer quite appealing, especially to those who plan to spend a decent amount of time in Fortnite.  It’s definitely worth pointing out that those who buy the Battle Pass once a season and nothing else might not find the Fortnite Crew option worth it, but anyone who dabbles with cosmetics in the shop from time to time should see a lot of value here.  Throw in the 1,000 V-Bucks a month just for being a member and the Fortnite Crew subscription is pretty hard to pass up.

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