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Turtle BeachNovember 4, 2021

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Boss Guide


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Combat tips for Star-Lord & Co.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Boss Guide


November 4, 2021

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will see your team face off against a number of larger than life foes who should be familiar to comic book aficionados. They can also be pretty darn tricky to defeat, which is where our Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy boss guide comes in. Need the lowdown on how to beat a particular boss? Read on and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know.

Marvel's guardians of the galaxy boss guide

The Guardians are a dysfunctional lot, but with the right tactics you can overcome all their enemies.

How To Beat Slakebeast

Slakebeast is more like a tougher-than-average normal foe than a true boss, but defeating it is a good way to learn how to use the Guardians’ different abilities more effectively. One tactic is to use Groot’s Entangle power to hold it in place, then use abilities that can stagger it. Once staggered, you’ll be able to attack the Slakebeast’s exposed belly to deal plenty of damage. Note that you’ll face two Slakebeasts at once later in the same chapter, but can defeat them with the same game plan.

How To Beat Dweller-In-Darkness

This boss battle puts the spotlight on Star-Lord’s elemental freeze ability, which is important in each of the battle’s three stages. Start by focusing damage on the Dweller’s first two tentacle. Eventually you’ll set off a quick time event that will allow Star-Lord to freeze them and Gamora to remove them as only she can. The second stage is somewhat the same, but you’ll also be dealing with spawns created by the Dweller. Focus attacks on one tentacle at a time, then freeze it. In the third and final stage, you’ll need to freeze the Dweller’s final attack when it launches so that Drax can grab it and throw it back at the monster.

How To Beat the Blood Brothers

The Blood Brothers are quintessential Marvel tough guys who gain more power when they are in close proximity to each other. In fact, they’re invulnerable when together. The good news is you don’t have to defeat them to advance the story — just survive long enough for all the cutscenes to play out. Once Gamora joins Star-Lord in this battle, you’ll finally be able to hurt the Blood Brothers when they are apart. The key is to stagger one of them when they try to rush toward each other so they can’t draw health from one another. Keep this up even when Drax joins the fray and you’ll make it to the last cutscene that ends the fight.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Boss Guide Blood Brothers

The Blood Brothers are unstoppable together, so make sure they never meet.

How To Beat Inquisitor

Fighting Inquisitor can turn into a battle of grabs, as it helps to use Groot’s Entangle on him but he can also grab any of the Guardians and hold them in place. Fortunately, you can free them with any special attack. One helpful hint is that by completely filling the stagger gauge, it’s possible to remove one of the Inquisitor’s arms, which makes him much easier to beat.

How To Beat Shadow Guardians

You literally can’t beat these dark versions of our heroes in a straight-up fight, as they’ll simply respawn. Rocket is the key to avoid being trapped in an endless battle, but first you’ll have to find the metal head that is creating all the fog around you and scan it with your visor. Doing so will outline two paths that Rocket can take to get to the head and blow it up. One will take him through a waterfall, which he won’t want to do. But if you keep persuading him, that and seeing his friends in danger will convince him to hero up and finish the job.

How To Beat Glah-Ree

Now for something completely different: a boss battle in space! Glah-Ree will first menace you with the Lethal Legion, which are fairly easy to take out. As for Glah-Ree itself, it’s a three-part affair. First, blast the weak points off its ship, using the 180-degree turn to avoid the mines left behind. Next, use a barrel roll to avoid Glah-Ree’s red lasers when you see a red flicker. Finally, avoid its purple lasers and use the Milano’s boost to get close enough to hit the exposed targets. Blow them all up and the fight will be over.

How To Beat Thanos

Perhaps the most interesting boss battle in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is also one of its simplest. Defeating Thanos is Drax’s reason for living, but he’ll need to find a new purpose by this point in the story. After entering his mind, you’ll find that’s not going very well. Killing the Thanos clones will just create more, so you need to lose to win — seriously, let Thanos kill you and Drax will learn that he needs to move on.

How To Beat Wendigo

This classic Hulk villain will initially confront you in non-boss form, but you’ll also run into one that is larger and tougher than the rest. There’s no particular secret to defeating it, but note that the plasma shots do more damage than normal to Wendigo and can be one of your best attacks.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Boss Guide Fin Fang Foom

A dragon with armor just isn’t fair, but the Guardians can take Fin Fang Foom down with the right tricks.

How To Beat Fin Fang Foom

This giant dragon is immune to damage until you can plasma blast his armor plates off. Once you’ve done that, the key is to wait until Fin Fang Foom launches his giant icicle attack. The largest icicle is also a weapon that Drax and Groot can throw back at the dragon, which will turn him red and leave him open to attacks from all of the Guardians — it’s your chance to do as much damage as possible. Repeat this cycle until you emerge victorious.

How To Beat Grand Unifier Raker

Raker can be a tough nut to crack thanks to his big shield that you’ll have to get rid of before you can deal real damage to him. Happily, even regular attacks will help deplete it, and Groot’s Entangle can come in handy here as well. Wiping his shield repeatedly and then hitting him hard while it’s down is the path to victory, but you’ll also need to avoid his special abilities. 

One ability will trap you in a gold box, which you can escape with a double jump. The other is to make the entire screen dark and attack from below, which you’ll need to avoid by watching for indicators on the ground. When Raker’s health gets low, he’ll use these abilities even more frequently, but you should have the hang of how to avoid both of them by then.

How To Beat Magus

Somewhat fittingly, the final boss battle in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy comes down to some of the dialogue decisions you’ll make, as you’ll need to get Magus to lower himself to your level so that it’s a fight you can win. The first time you have an option, you should choose ‘Kneel’ (though ‘Slow Clap’ is funnier) so Magus doesn’t throw a planet at you. That will set off a fight against shadow creatures you can win with standard abilities, though you’ll also have to dodge some bombs while doing so.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Boss Guide Magus

You won’t have any chance of beating Magus unless you talk him down first.

In the second dialogue portion, you’ll want to select ‘Badger him.’ This time the Magus will throw a planet at you, which you can avoid by getting behind Nikki’s shield. More shadow creatures will spawn, but you should be able to handle them as you did the first wave.

For the third and final part of this battle, you’ll want to choose ‘Provoke the Magus.’ Though this seems like a bad idea, it will set the final event into motion, which requires you to pass the stone from one Guardian to the next by watching for and following a prompt on the screen. Once Star-Lord has the Stone, you’ll simply have to button-mash as fast as you can to finally defeat the Magus.

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