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Nick FarrellJune 20, 2024

Call of Duty Black Ops 6: What Is The Manor? Answered

Call of Duty Black Ops 6 is looking to spark the fire that players once felt within the series, by bringing back classic features in all regards.

One of the major aspects this time around appears to be the campaign, and the safehouse or manor is going to play a vital part in this years game. 

Here's what we know about it. 

Call of Duty Black Ops 6: What Is The Manor? Answered 

Black Ops 6 will be going back to basics in many regards, and will be integrating classic features, ones such as the leveling and prestige system.

They're also focusing a lot on the campaign of this years game, and the safehouse format that we've seen in Black Ops Cold War is back once again. 

This hub for the campaign will be more interactive this time around, and players will get to explore and uncover some mysteries hidden within. 

Your central base of operations between each Campaign mission is a remote and rambling manor house perched atop a granite cliff, overlooking a brooding, choppy ocean. This impressive edifice offers more exploration and character development opportunities than the Berlin Safehouse where you met during Black Ops Cold War. Intriguingly, the Safehouse itself has a secret history; it formerly served as a KGB Black Site which was operational during the 1950s and 60s, vacated some 30 years prior to your team’s arrival.

As the wind and waves batter against the stone walls of this stately mansion, you and your clandestine team have the run of the place. Step into the gardens for a spot of target practice, uncover secrets hidden in some of the mothballed rooms, and ensure you receive a briefing from the ever-acerbic Master Sergeant Frank Woods, who resides here after receiving serious injuries in the field.