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Turtle BeachSeptember 5, 2019

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Rewards Players Returning To The Hunt


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MHW Iceborne is here and ready to share a wealth of rewards and challenges for fans looking to challenge themselves anew.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Rewards Players Returning To The Hunt


September 5, 2019

Monster Hunter World brought an incredibly depth to the Monster Hunter series, delivering a lush and living world full of danger and, of course, gargantuan creatures that need to be culled (or captured). Now, more than a year later, MHW is getting its first major expansion and it seems set to bring us to frozen tundras for a wealth of new content that will reward players who have conquered the quests in vanilla Monster Hunter World. Iceborne is here with a new story, new monsters, challenges, and gear that are sure to put the Wyvern-slaying prowess of all players to the test.

The Iceborne Adventure In Hoarfrost Reach

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Rewards Players Returning To The Hunt Seliana

Between the wilds of the Hoarfrost Reach and the vast new outpost at Seliana, there’s plenty of room to explore in Iceborne.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne takes place where the base game left off. There is still a lot left unknown to the hunters of the 5th Fleet as they explore the New World and the creatures that inhabit it. Your new journeys take you to the rugged and frosty expanse of the Hoarfrost Reach where a new and daunting Elder Dragon, Velkhana, threatens any and all advance. Velkhana brings with it a wealth of other new monsters that hunters will need to seek out, study, and learn all about if you’re to bring them down successfully.

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Along the way, you’ll become familiar with a new resting hub known as Seliana where you can partake in new quests and an entire new rank of challenges made for the daring and able. Master Rank quests and assignments will bring you the resources you need in order to craft the armor and weapons that you can only get from your specialized assignments. There’s an absolute ton of new ground to cover. This expansion boasts as much content as any of the previous Monster Hunter Ultimate titles that came before.

The Threats That Await Hunters In Iceborne

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Rewards Players Returning To The Hunt New Monsters

Deadly fan-favorite monsters like Barioth join all-new monsters in Iceborne in the splendid detail we’ve come to expect of the game.

As mentioned, the frigid new Elder Dragon Velkhana awaits hunters in the deepest depths of Hoarfrost Reach. That said, there are plenty of other foes that stand in the way of your efforts against the threat that Velkhana poses. Longtime fans of Monster Hunter will recognize returning beasts such as the loud, roaring Tigrex, the swift and aggressive Barioth, and the terrifyingly versatile Nargacuga, but these Wyverns are joined by grand newcomers such as the huge-horned Banbaro and the snow-swimming Beotodus.

Even then, there will be variations on monsters that players have become familiar with in Monster Hunter World. Unique twists of beasts such as the Shrieking Legiana will challenge you to adapt your hunting skills to a new type of danger with an old foe. With a splendid array of new and freshly imagined Monsters coming to Iceborne, it certainly isn’t lacking in offering players a fresh gathering of deadly monsters to up the ante and make sure hunters won’t just be on quests featuring the same monsters they’ve already hunted into oblivion. The huge new region has huge new dangers to overcome. Learning the new terrain of Hoarfrost and adapting it to the hunt of all-new beasties is going to be a fight that should entice even those who have hunted vanilla MHW into oblivion.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne’s Fresh Rewards & Gear

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Rewards Players Returning To The Hunt Clutch Claw

The Clutch Claw is just one of many new tools in Iceborne that rewards a whole new angle of play against monsters.

Of course, with fresh dangers and Wyverns to pursue comes fresh new rewards for hunting them and new ways to do it. New Master Rank hunts means rewards for Master Rank armor! That said, Iceborne doesn’t just give players some new threads and call it a day. There are also plenty of new tools at the players’ disposal. Many of the weapons in the game feature new combos to master in addition to the abilities that were already set to each weapon, giving players new ways to go on the attack.

As a bit of super helpful utility, the precious slinger no longer requires players to sheathe any weapon before it can be used either. Where at one time, launching a distracting Flash Pod or Redpit meant sheathing some weapons, now you can use the slinger with any of the 14 weapons drawn, upping your versatility in combat and making the flow of action or life-saving choices a bit less cumbersome.

New gadgets also join the fray. Players that have a penchant for mounting Wyverns for the big damage will be happy to know that there are new tools like the Clutch Claw that will allow one to latch to a monster and swing onto them. Insect Glaive players aren’t the only ones that get to have fun mounting on any terrain anymore. Many other new tools await those who need all the gear they can get their hands on for the fights ahead in Iceborne. It really does look like we’ll be reconsidering what we keep on our quick pick item list when we’re out in the field.

Monster Hunter World rocked fans of the series and made new fans worldwide when it launched in 2018. We’ve had time to turn it inside out as we sought our ideal gear. Now Iceborne rewards faithful players far more than an extra event monster. Hoarfrost Range is a beautiful new playground in which to grow our hunters even further, The new monsters look absolutely wicked and amazing and there’s plenty of them to go around inside and outside of Hoarfrost, and the new tools and moves ensure we won’t just be going through the same old motions again and again. From top to bottom, Monster Hunter World Iceborne has all the bells and whistles to ensure that Velkhana is a hunt no fan of the base game should miss.

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