The Best Streamers Prefer Turtle Beach

Dr DisRespect


    The one, the only, the back to back 93-94 Blockbuster Video Game Champion himself, DrDisRespect. Check out the fastest growing online gaming community, built on the pillars of speed, momentum, and unstoppable gaming athleticism. He is simply the best.


    Siefe streams video games for a living full-time and exclusively on Microsoft’s Mixer, and was the first streamer with over 200K fans on his Mixer channel. Siefe takes his audio seriously, which is why he’s joined forces with Turtle Beach.


      We live in a world of boredom, safety, and familiarity; most people walk on eggshells, afraid to color outside the lines. With Archonaut, you can rebel against the status-quo. You can witness unprecedented production quality and bask in the glory of the spiciest memes known to mankind.


      Kephrii sets a new standard when it comes to clicking heads. Renowned for total FPS domination, you can catch Kephrii streaming competitive gameplay at the highest level.

         MissEs Mae

        Mae is a full-time variety stream from Los Angeles, CA. Mainly focusing on FPS games, Mae is all about streaming with the community, having fun, and sharing a passion for gaming.



        Castro is the largest FIFA streamer in the world, and has one of the best moustaches on the planet. Catch him streaming, raising money for charity, and being a one of the coolest guys on Twitch.



          In 2009 Ali started uploading short gaming clips to his YouTube channel and now seven years later has over 13 million people subscribed to his 2 channels and in excess of 2.8 billion video views. Ali is one of the UK’s most popular and entities globally and is at the forefront of the online and YouTube revolution. He is the world’s number one Call of Duty YouTuber but is also partial to a spot of Pokemon hunting!


          Di3sel joined OpTic Gaming in 2006 as a competitive player but after the release of Modern Warfare 2, he stepped away from competitive gaming to focus on entertaining. Now he’s a full time variety streamer, whiskey lover & an Old Man of OpTic.