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Turtle BeachMay 2, 2022

DayZ: How To Get Blood Back Up Fast




DayZ: How To Get Blood Back Up Fast


May 2, 2022

DayZ is probably one of the most intense survival shooters out there on consoles and PC. Outside of the zombie hordes, there’s a lot of realism to the game, and this includes its use of blood.

Each character has roughly the same amount of blood as a normal functioning adult in real life, which is somewhere between 4,500 mL – 5,500 mL of blood. Just like in real life, if you lose enough blood your character will run the risk of death.

So making sure you manage this critical stat is imperative to your own survival throughout the game.

How Does Blood Work in DayZ?

When playing the game players will typically lose blood from injury in the game, to varying degrees depending on the severity. Obviously, a small wound won’t make a huge difference, but a gunshot will have a bigger impact on your blood loss. In addition, the more wounds you have, the faster the bleeding, and subsequently the faster your character will suffer blood loss.

Blood is also fairly unique in that, you don’t need to lose all your blood to be impacted. Usually, at around 3000 blood your character will start taking shock damage and run the risk of characters falling unconscious – which will in turn lead to death.

This is why you’ll normally need to bandage or stitch a wound asap to stop the bleeding and ensure you curb blood loss as quick as possible.

How To Regain Blood In DayZ?

The most common way to get your blood up is by keeping well fed and hydrated. This is, however, the slowest means possible that blood will regenerate.

Beyond this, there are a few faster actions you can take via various medical treatments you can acquire across the game. For instance, a Saline Bag IV will dramatically increase recovery speed.

There’s also a way to instant restore blood, using a Blood Bag IV, however, you need to be careful when doing this. Just like in the real world, each character has a unique blood type, so when performing a blood transfusion, you need to ensure you have the right blood type (see below) or you could suffer the consequences. Using an incompatible blood type will result in the typically fatal Hemolytic Reaction.

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