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Turtle BeachJune 2, 2021

Call of Duty '80s Action Hero Challenges Guide


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Call of Duty ’80s Action Hero Challenges Guide


June 2, 2021

The ‘80s have taken over the Call of Duty franchise, with a number of locations and items from the Rambo and Die Hard movies now available in both Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. A new set of challenges across both games offer players a seemingly simple way to access the new cosmetics and rare items. Actually achieving these tasks? Not so simple. Here’s a surefire way to complete each of the challenges in Call of Duty’s ‘80s Action Hero event.

Call of Duty Warzone ‘80s Action Hero Challenges Guide

Comic Savior Epic Calling Card — Be the first member of your squad to get a kill

This one is relatively simple. You can load into a solo queue game and get a single kill, or have your friends wait patiently before you return the favor next round.

Bomb! Legendary Charm — Get 15 kills with explosive weapons or lethal equipment

This challenge is basically designed for the new explosive bow, which allows you to get the needed kills from range. If you can’t find one in a loot box, running around with C4 in a game of plunder is your next best bet — just be sure that your C4 delivers the finishing blow. The restock perk cuts the time to recharge your C4 in half, making it well worth equipping for this challenge.

Cosmic Traveler Epic Emblem — Collect 50 Dog Tags in Power Grab

Power Grab is like a mix of the Kill Confirmed and Battle Royale game modes, and you need to collect dog tags for rewards like killstreaks. The tags needed can come from enemies killed, dog tags from downed enemies that they collected, as well as loot crates. For this challenge, it’s just a matter of playing Power Grab until you get the 50 tags required. 

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Proper Grip Rare Sticker — Reach the final circle of Power Grab five times

Similar to the last challenge, this one takes place in Power Grab. You need to reach the final circle five times, but don’t necessarily need to win. You can’t buy loadouts in this mode, so be on the lookout for good loot to keep you in the game this long. Revive crates, which give you another life are airdropped in occasionally, so keep an eye on the map to grab those.

Player One Epic Calling Card / Payphone Legendary Charm — Eliminate 25 enemy agents during the Arms Deal Public event / Complete any one of the three side missions available at Nakatomi Tower

These two challenges complement each other well and can be accomplished at the same time. Head into the parking garage under Nakatomi Tower and locate the red truck with a blue shipping container on it. Inside, you’ll find a table with a phone that, when focused on, will read: “Start Deal Gone Wrong.” This side mission will spawn far more than the 25 enemy agents needed for the Player One challenge, and killing every agent plus the elite enemy will complete one of the tower’s side missions for the Payphone challenge.

Blaaarrghhh Rare Emblem — Survive a multiplayer drop to the ground from the top of Nakatomi Tower

Another easy challenge, first you’ll want to get to the top of the tower either by jumping on the roof or taking a helicopter. Next, jump off and pull your parachute before hitting the ground. So long as you don’t get shot on the way down, you’ll be fine.

Action Packed Rare Calling Card — Collect three Rambo POW Dog Tags

Rambo has hidden a number of his dog tags around Verdansk for players to randomly find in loot. Using the map taped up on the whiteboard in one of the military base’s hangars will update your map and set pins on all of the locations Rambo has been to. You’ll be able to find his dog tags at each of these. Also in the hangar, there’s a clipboard at the top of a staircase that will spawn a helicopter. Downing the helicopter will earn you one of the three dog tags needed.

Chaotic Rare Sticker — Get three kills with the Combat Bow killstreak

A seemingly easy one, but these bows can only be found around Verdansk as loot. You’ll need to be lucky to find it, but considering you only need three kills, this challenge shouldn’t be too hard. A good way to approach this challenge is by putting it on the backburner, loading into games to complete other challenges, and only worrying about it if you loot a Combat Bow while in a match.

Finishing all of Call of Duty: Warzone’s challenges gives you an Ignition Epic blueprint for the Pelington 703 sniper rifle and 2,500 experience.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War ‘80s Action Hero Challenge Guide

Glamour Shot Rare Calling Card — Complete seven matches in multiplayer or Zombies (at round 5) ’80s Action Heroes playlists

This challenge is very straightforward. Before you set out to complete these seven matches, however, take a look at the other challenges and try to complete them first. You’ll end up finishing this task along the way. If you really want to beeline for this challenge, the recently added Crank mode speeds up Zombies significantly, meaning you can reach round 5 in no time.

Robot Tank Epic Arcade Game — In an ’80s Action Heroes playlist, win multiplayer matches or survive until Round 15 in Zombies a total of three times

Depending on which mode — multiplayer or Zombies — you find yourself better at, you can pick and choose what to play. Like the previous challenge, you may find yourself simply completing it along the way. If you knock out all of the other challenges besides this one, however, consider loading up Free For All, as you only need to place in the top three to win.

Apex Gator Watch Epic Accessory — In an ’80s Action Heroes playlist, get a total of 100 eliminations in multiplayer or Slaughter Medals in Zombies

Again, this challenge comes down to player choice. 100 eliminations in multiplayer is a straightforward goal. Each Slaughter Medal in Zombies, however, requires getting five kills in a short time period. For Zombies, make sure to corral your zombies together before lighting them up, but chances are that you already do this.

Shoulder Fire Rare Sticker — In multiplayer or Zombies, earn 25 Have a Blast Medals by getting kills with explosives

One explosive kill earns you one Blast Medal, and can be easily farmed in hardcore mode as enemies do not regenerate health and are more susceptible to explosive finishing blows. In Zombies, you need to kill three or more enemies with explosives rapidly — basically all at once. Again, try to group up enemies before finishing them off and you should find this challenge to be a breeze.

Blasting Heat Epic Calling Card — In multiplayer or Zombies, earn 25 Become War Medals using automatic weapons

Become War medals in multiplayer are earned by killing two or more enemies without reloading and, oddly enough, are also called “Fully Loaded” medals. Using large capacity weapons is best for this challenge. To earn the medal in Zombies, you need to kill 10 or more enemies rapidly without reloading. Again, high capacity guns are best for this challenge and even better when paired with an active insta-kill buff.

Summer Palm Epic Charm — In multiplayer or Zombies, earn 25 Light Em Up Medals while using the Death Machine

Light Em Up Medals are the easiest to earn on this list. In multiplayer, you earn them by killing a single enemy with the Death Machine gun. In Zombies, killing five enemies rapidly also earns you a medal.

Head Hero Rare Sticker — In multiplayer or Zombies, earn 25 This is Personal Medals while using Melee Weapons

This is Personal Medals are earned in multiplayer with melee weapon kills. In Zombies, the medal is earned by killing seven or more enemies rapidly with a Melee weapon.

Purple Fury Rare Emblem — Get three kills without dying in multiplayer to earn Jackrabbit Medals in Zombies a total of 10 times

This challenge is best done in Zombies, where each medal requires killing 20 zombies or more in a row without getting hit. This can be very straightforward, as you can get the insta-kill buff and light up large groups of enemies without receiving a scratch.

Steve Epic Charm  In multiplayer or Zombies, earn 10 Chopped Up Medals while using the Tomahawk

In multiplayer, you earn a Chopped Up medal with every Tomahawk kill. In Zombies, you need to kill three or more kills rapidly with the Tomahawk. This challenge is relatively simple, and is up to the player’s preference in terms of which mode to pick.

Complete all of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s challenges to unlock a Flamebearer Blueprint for the DMR 14. 

Complete Both Sets Of Challenges For Extra Rewards

The Call of Duty ‘80s Action Hero challenges are only available for a limited time, so don’t sleep on completing them. If you manage to complete every challenge across both games, you’ll earn 20 unique blueprints and calling cards.

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