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Turtle BeachApril 10, 2024

Destiny 2 Dread Faction: All We Know

Destiny 2 has consistently been one of the most played live service games throughout the years, and as players embark during the Lightfall DLC, we’re slowly approaching The Final Shape.

However, Bungie has showcased some of the features coming to The Final Shape, including the brand new Dread faction.

Here’s all we know.

Destiny 2 Dread Faction: All We Know

The Final Shape was originally slated to release in February of 2024, and this is also around when most players expect annual Destiny 2 updates, so it wasn’t much of a surprise for players.

However, the DLC is now coming in June of 2024, and players will be battling it out against the Dread faction, which Bungie has noted the following on.

The Witness is in full force in The Final Shape, introducing the Dread faction, a fierce group of combatants with new abilities to shake up the fight. In addition to the Tormentor introduced in Lightfall and the previously revealed Subjugators, the Witness will unleash the new Grim, Husk, Attendant, and Weaver units:
  • Grim: A highly mobile flying enemy that slows and suppresses a Guardian’s abilities if they get too close.
  • Husk: An acrobatic melee bruiser that sends a deployable geist enemy toward you unless you hit their weak spot with a final blow.
  • Attendant and Weaver: By wielding Stasis and Strand, respectively, these units can instantly change the flow of the encounter and force Guardians to pay attention to their positioning on the battlefield.