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Turtle BeachJuly 4, 2022

Apex Legends Mobile Ranked: Rewards, Tiers, and How To Unlock




Apex Legends Mobile Ranked: Rewards, Tiers, and How To Unlock


July 4, 2022

Apex Legends Mobile features a ranked mode just like the standard Apex Legends game, but for those making their first forays into the Apex Games, it’s ok to want to know more about how the ranked mode works.

The system has also changed slightly from the previous beta tests following the global release of the game, so it’s also worth brushing up on any changes from Respawn. Read on for everything you need to know about Ranked Mode in Apex Legends Mobile.

How Does Apex Legends Mobile Ranked System Work?

Ranked Mode in Apex Legends Mobile is more or less the same as Ranked from the standard console/PC game.

Essentially Ranked is a competitive mode in Apex Legends Mobile that lets you play with other players at a similar skill level. You will be sorted into a tier and placed into a ranked queue based on your acquired RP (ranked points). Over time, you can progressively rank up the seven tiers in order to play in higher tiers, which as you imagine gets harder with each tier.

During Ranked Seasons, you can also earn rewards based on your rank. At the end of each Season and split, your rank will soft reset based on your current tier.

How To Unlock Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Mode

First things first, you can’t download Apex Legends Mobile and jump straight into the ranked mode. It doesn’t matter how good you are in the main game, you need to put in a few hard yards first.

You’ll need to first hit level 8 in the game via the standard battle royale mode, otherwise, Ranked Mode will stay locked. Once you hit level 8 you should be able to select the ‘Ranked Match’ option from the mode select menu dropdown.


What Time Does Apex Mobile Ranked Open

Some context: During beta testing Ranked mode was only available during certain times of the day. However, following the global launch of Apex Legends Mobile everything changed, for the better.

There’s no longer a need to log in and play at specific times of the day as Apex Legends Mobile Ranked mode is now available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Are the Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Tiers?

Bronze Starting rank
Silver 1,200 RP
Gold 2,800 RP
Platinum 4,800 RP
Diamond 7,200 RP
Master 10,000 RP
Apex Predator
Top 750 players

The above Tiers are those used for Apex Legends on console and PC. We would expect the tiers to be similar for Apex Legends Mobile, although arguably the RP will be lowered for the first season.

Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Rewards

There are a total of seven ranks in Apex Legends Mobile ranked mode and the rewards for reach each rank can be found just below.

Bronze Bronze Rank Holo Spray
Silver Silver Rank Holo Spray
Gold Gold Rank Holo Spray
Platinum Platinum Rank Holo Spray
Diamond Diamond Ranked Match Trail, Avatar Frame, and Holo Spray
Master Master Ranked Match Trail, Avatar Frame, and Holo Spray
Apex Predator Predator Ranked Match Trail, Avatar Frame, and Holo Spray


That’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Mode, but stay locked to Turtle Beach for more guides, tips and tricks.

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