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Turtle BeachOctober 7, 2021

How To Unlock Pack-A-Punch And Lift Lockdown In Forsaken


Season 6 of Cold War has brought the brand new Zombies map Forsaken! An exciting finale for the Zombies story in the Cold War era and it can be a bit overwhelming the first time around.

The key to success is strong weapons that can mow down hordes of the undead. To get strong weapons, that go the distance, you'll need to locate the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Here's where to find Pack-A-Punch and how to get there!

Where Is Pack-A-Punch In Forsaken?

Pack-A-Punch isn't overly difficult to get to but it can be a bit of a lengthy process and costs a fair bit of cash to get to. You'll find it in the Observation Tower, which is the last room you can get to in the Forsaken Map; it's also a key area as it links all areas together via ziplines and teleporters.

So how do you get there? Well lets start from the Staging Area. As soon as you spawn, interact with the Teleporter; this is crucial because it starts a 30 second survival period where the rounds pass-by FAST.

If you don't interact with it you'll be stuck there as the rounds rapidly fly-by, zombies get stronger and it makes your game much more difficult.

Once it has warmed up, enter the teleporter.

Once you enter the next area, head up to the upper decking and open the Zipline gate.

This is the first major door you'll need to open, so it will only cost $750.

Immediately head to the right of the next area, after ziplining to the ground and open the first door you see. This door will cost $1000, opening Storage Zone 5 and give you access to the rooftops.

Once inside, head up the stairs in front of you and following the zig-zag stair layout until you reach another gate that blocks off the next Teleporter.

Opening this fence will cost you another $1000! Once open, head through the Teleporter.

Once you've entered the next area, you'll be given the option to open any of the three doors (all costing $1250). It doesn't matter which one you open, as you'll need to open all of them in a few moments.

Head all the way through the town until you reach the next Teleporter. You'll receive a prompt saying that it's broken and needs repairs.

You're now looking for four objects to repair the Teleporter. You'll need to put together another $3750 to open the remaining three doors and locate them all:

  • Fryer Cage - located in Burger Town in the kitchen
  • Cathode-Ray Tube - located in the TV store on one of the shelves
  • Focusing Lens - located in the Cinema on one of the benches
  • Circuit Board - located in the Video Store

Bear in mind, the location of some of these objects can move. For example, the Focusing Lens was on the bench at the end of the Cinema in one game and then was in a manakin's hand the next.

Once you obtain all objects, head to the Teleporter and you can now fix it; it acts like any buildable so just hold the interact button.

You'll be teleported to the Bunker Entrance. Head straight until you reach a big blue door and you'll again need to open it, costing $1500.

Once in the Bunker, again, head straight to the end and you'll spot a Teleporter. You won't be able to access it as it will turn red once you approach it and an Abomination will exit. Don't shoot it to start with as it will be invulnerable for a brief period of time.

Once he starts making his way forward, you can shoot him. It is very tanky, so it's going to take a lot of gunfire to put it down. Fortunately, it's very slow and there's a nice pathway to the right that loop round in a circle to kite it through while laying waste to it.

When it finally dies, head back to the Teleporter and head on through.

You'll be Teleported to the Observation Tower. Follow it round until you reach the main console room with a big red button.

Press it and you'll end the lockdown and be able to use Pack-A-Punch. The Pack-A-Punch machine is located straight ahead of the red button.

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