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Turtle BeachNovember 30, 2021

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 9 Leaks: Patch Notes, Release Date, Map, Battle Pass Rewards, Trailer, Theme And Everything You Need To Know

Fortnite Season 9 is NOT the next phase of Chapter 2 and is infact heading into Chapter 3.

While Chapter 2 has taken a strange turn and has a lot of unanswered questions, it's hoped that this new season will address some of the more confusing issues in the story.

The Foundation has returned as the map as flipped entirely to reveal the new platform for Epic Games' popular Battle Royale; getting back to the story that emerged earlier this year.

From a gameplay perspective, it will likely focus on a certain aspect of the game which compliments the theme of the new season.

Here's what we know about Season 9 in Fortnite.

Release Date

Season 9 is not happening, but instead we will see Chapter 3 Season 1 of Fortnite begin Sunday 5th December 2021.

The new season will begin on at 3pm GMT/2PM UTC.

The new season will end on the 19th March 2022.

Battle Pass


The Battle Pass will once again feature in Season 9, costing users 950 V-Bucks. This will give players access to 100 tiers of rewards, including the opportunity for bonus skins and variants as the season progresses. Alternatively, users can buy the Battle Pass bundle for 2800 V-Bucks, granting 25 tier skips. You can also buy each additional tier for 150 V-Bucks.



While we wait on weapon specficis, it looks like Shotgun Pellets will work differently.


As far as we're aware, skins are still a mystery. However, Epic have revealed well in advance that they are collaborating with the new Disney+ show 'The Book of Boba Fett'. This means that a Boba Fett skin will be released and potentially more relating to the show.

While this won't be available on release of Season 9, they have informed us that it will arrive on the 24th December 2021 at 7pm ET.

We're also getting the Voidlander starter pack in the new update.

It also appears a new Jonesy skin is in the works.


By now, most of you have more than likely seen the leaks pertaining to the fact that next season is going to be the first in Chapter 3.

With this said, we've seen plently of leaks surrounding the event, from leakers such as FNLeaksAndAudio and iFireMonkey.

Once the event begins, players will see the Chapter 2 Finale Event Loading Screen in the playlist called 'The End'.

In the new playlist, players can grab two weapons: the Legendary Scar and Legendary Revolver according to @iFireMonkey.

A new POI is also expected to arrive named 'Guava'.

Can't wait to find out more? @FNBRintel has posted some event gamepaly tags that may reveal what's to come (only click the link if you're ok with spoilers).

In the leadup to the new Chapter, Epic may have accidently leaked their own trailer for the new Chapter. This new short video was found via Tik Tok as a random advertisment that users have seen, and it details what may happen during the event, along with our first look at the new map.