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Turtle BeachSeptember 9, 2022

GTA Online Metal Detector Locations: Where To Find The Skeleton In Los Santos

Following the release of The Criminal Enterprises update Rockstar added a whole heap of small but satisfying random events to the game.

Whilst the Smuggler Plane and Smuggler Cache events were pretty showy, the latest is far more mysterious, with players reporting sightings of a skeleton showing up in one of ten random locations across the south coast of Los Santos.

Finding the Skeleton is just the first step towards a brand new collectible in the game, as together with the skeleton is a Metal Detector which in turn unlocks the new Buried Staches treasure across Cayo Perico.

Read on for your complete guide on how to find the Skeleton and Metal Detector in GTA Online so you can get to treasure hunting!

How To Find GTA Online Metal Detector and Skeletons

As mentioned, the Skeletons and Metal Detector are part of a random event in GTA Online.

There are ten possible locations where you can find the skeleton, which normally appears on the south coast of Los Santos in one of the ten possible locations:

  1. Chumash
  2. Vespucci Beach
  3. La Puerta
  4. LSIA – Los Santos
  5. Elysian Island
  6. Banning
  7. Cypress Flats
  8. El Burro Heights
  9. Palomino Highlands
  10. Palomino Highlands

We would suggest using a helicopter to get around the coast and when you’re close you should see a blue dot on your map showing you the precise location.

Once you’ve found the Skeleton, pick up the Metal Detector and then grab the treasure map on the Skeleton to start searching for those Buried Stashes on Cayo Perico.

GTA Online Metal Detector and Skeleton Map Locations

If you need help finding the Metal Detector and Skeleton locations then don’t fear because there’s a map for that!

Just below is a map showing you all 10 possible locations that you’ll need to search. But if you would prefer to use an interactive map, then we suggest using the one on GTAWeb.eu.

Multiple players can loot the Metal Detector from one skeleton, so you don’t need to worry too much about playing in an invite-only session. You should be ok in any session to be honest.

GTA Online Metal Detector Locations Video Guide

Once again the team at GTA Series Videos has pulled together a fantastic video guide showing you the precise map locations to find the Metal Detector in Los Santos.

If you prefer watching a video to show you where to look rather than using an interactive map, this is the video for you.


GTA Online LD Organics Rewards

The bulk of the rewards you gain will come from finding the Buried Stashes on Cayo Perico, with two available to find every day.

They spawn randomly, like the Cayo Perico Treasure Chests, but if you track down the stash with your metal detector, you’ll be rewarded with GTA$ 15,000 and 1,000 RP for each stash you locate.

Additionally, if you’ve also found and collected the Metal Detector, you can still earn some cash for finding and interacting with another skeleton in Los Santos. Simply interact with the Skeleton for an easy GTA$ 5,000 to 10,000 cash each day.

That’s everything you need to know about the GTA Online Metal Detector in GTA Online. If you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks, and explainers.

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