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Turtle BeachOctober 7, 2021

Best .410 Ironhide Cold War Loadout And Attachments

It's Wild in the West

Season 6 of Cold War is now live across all platforms, one of the brand new weapons on offer is the .410 Ironhide.

The .410 Ironhide is a lever-action shotgun with high damage up close and an improved fire rate. It's a reliable 2-shot kill with a longer 1-shot kill range when aiming down sights.

If you're wanting to gun sling like its the Wild West, this is a great option to choose.

Here's our recommended loadout for the .410 Ironhide and the best attachments.

Best Attachments

For the Ironhide, we need to focus on improving the areas its weakest - that mainly being its rate of fire and lack of shells in one magazine.

In general, this weapon is very solid and a great secondary to have in multiplayer.

Here are the best attachments for the Ironhide:

  • Microflex LED (Optic)
  • Sound Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • 22.3" Reinforced Heavy (Barrel)
  • 7 RND Tube (Magazine)
  • Dropshot Wrap (Handle)

Starting off with the optic, I feel optics are fairly pointless on shotguns because it's not about accuracy. But this gun gets much better when aiming down sights, so you'll need to ensure you're accurate. You can use the ironsights, but they feel a little off so it's easier to use a sight.

This gun packs a serious punch at range and is deadly up close, so a Sound Suppressor is a good option to have without suffering too much damage reduction.

Not only that, but it's made up for with the 22.3" Reinforced Heavy barrel as it increases the Effective Damage Range by 12% and even increases the Fire Rate by 13%.

The 7RND Tube has a much better offering with almost no penalties, where the 8 RND Tube comes with a very slow reload time.

The Dropshot Wrap is a great attachment as it has no real downsides, but improves reload speed, fire rate, and flinch resistance while also allowing you to go prone while aiming down sights. If it's not doing the trick for you, I'd go with the Speed Tape.

Best Class


This weapon goes fantastically with any sniper rifle or assault rifle - I'd personally like to run it alongside a good sniper like the ZRG 20mm.

I'd recommend the following attachments:

  • Stabilizer 20 (Muzzle)
  • 39.3" Rapid Fire (Barrel)
  • Bipod (Underbarrel)
  • 5 RND (Magazine)
  • Speed Tape (Handle)

Lethal And Tactical

I always believe this comes down to personal preference. But I would go with a Semtex and Smoke Grenade. The Smoke Grenade is the important one as it will mask you from the enemies when you need to make a quick exit or push up the map.

Field Upgrade

The Field Mic is the optimal choice for this loadout giving you intel on enemy locations. Set up to cover your flank or near walls to get an idea of where enemies are coming from.


Perk Greed is the Wildcard I would pick and my perk choices would be Flak Jacket, Tactical Mask, Tracker, Gearhead, Ghost and Ninja.

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