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Turtle BeachDecember 21, 2021

The Best STG-44 Vanguard Loadout

The MP44

Vanguard is well into its first season and new and existing players are discovering just how devastating the STG-44 really is and why its been so heavily used since launch.

This German selective-fire assault rifle has always been a strong weapon in Call of Duty titles and once again its proving to be a hot contender for the mantle of go-to guns.

This weapon is undoubtedly one of the best weapons in the game and it shows just by how many people are using it!

Here's the best loadout for the STG-44 in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Best STG-44 Class for Vanguard

With a staggering, 10 attachments to pick on your weapon, you're truly spoilt for choice.
When choosing your attachments, you'll want to consider what attachments will improve this weapons weak areas and how you tend to play.
The STG-44 suffers with accuracy and damage at range. While it's probably still the best weapon for range, it can be much better.
Considering its an Assault rifle, running and gunning is probably not something you'll do a huge amount of with this weapon.


  • Muzzle
    • F8 Stabilizer
  • Barrel
    • VDD 760MM 05B
  • Optic
    • Slate Reflector
  • Stock
    • Konstanz Tactical
  • Underbarrel
    • M3 Ready Grip
  • Magazine
    • .30 Russian Short 30 Round Mags
  • Ammo Type
    • Lengthened
  • Rear Grip
    • Rubber Grip
  • Proficiency
    • Focus
  • Kit
    • Fully Loaded
This setup is tailored to a more defensive playstyle, focusing on ranged combat rather than getting up close and personal. This should help to improve the accuracy and damage of the weapon without being heavily penalised in other areas.
With a number of Muzzle attachments, the first one provides a lot of benefit without the drawbacks. But the last one, the F8 Stabilizer, is a great choice for increase effective damage range and horizontal recoil.
Your Barrel choices are more limited, but sacrificing some movement speed for more accuracy and damage at range is a worthwhile trade off.
Your Optic comes down to preference in my opinion, but a nice clean optic will never do you wrong. If you want something with more range, try the SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6X
Again, the Stock choice will see you lose out on some sprint-to-fire speed, but it will greatly improve your accuracy and ADS walking speed; meaning sprinting isn't all that necessary.
You may be wondering why you're getting smoked in some gun fights against other STG users, it's all down to the Magazine attachment. The Russian Short Mags come with a number of drawbacks, but its damage and bullet velocity is unmatched and hard to give up. If you setup your STG correctly, you'll hardly notice the hinderances this attachment brings. There's also no difference between the 20 and 30 round mags other than the later has an extra 10 bullets.
Of all the Ammo Types, Lengthened is a classic, increase the Bullet Velocity by 30% to ensure you really pack a punch at range.
Another familiar attachment is the Rubbber Grip for Rear Grip. This is unlocked early and has no draw backs but helps with recoil control.
Your Proficiency is a preference call - Vital, Acrobatic, Nerves of Steel, Focus and Sleight of Hand are all solid choices. I personally would choose Focus for long range fights to ensure I stay on target.
Lastly, your Kit will again come down to preference. I don't like most of the options here so I'll just opt to use Fully Loaded. On-Hand is good for quick equipment juggling in sticky situations or on hectic maps. If you're looking to get more XP faster, Surplus is an easy swap.


I would go with the RATT Pistol as it's a fast firing, reliable option when you need a quick weapon swap.

Lethal & Tactical

  • MK2 Frag Grenade
  • S-Mine 44

The Frag grenade is a solid choice for any scenario and can be used defensively to ward off enemies. The S-Mine is great for watching your back from enemy flanks.


  • Ghost
  • Piercing Vision
  • Tactician

Ghost will keep you off the enemy radar while Piercing Vision will highlight any pesky enemies that try to evade your fire. It will also give your team a good idea of where enemies are. Perk 3 doesn't contain the best choices for this setup, so I'd go with Scavenger for extra ammo.

Field Upgrade

  • Field Mic

The Field Mic is the best option here as it gives you lots of vision on nearby enemies coming to spoil your fun. If you didn't take Scavenger as your 3rd perk, you could opt to use the Supply Box instead.

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