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Turtle BeachApril 25, 2022

Is Bangalore Leaving Apex Legends?

Goodbye Old Friend?

Apex Legends is currently undergoing an excellent period in time, as the Warrior's Collection Event is stellar, and players are enjoying the new content before the season dies down a bit before Season 13 premiers.

However, with the final episode of Bangalore's seasonal story, there's some indications that she may be leaving the crew behind!

Is Bangalore Leaving Apex Legends?

During the William's Sendoff lore chapter that players are able to read within Apex Legends, they give off some indications that Bangalore is fed up with her journey thus far, and may walk away form it all. Bascially, this all pans out to be a tease of the upcoming Legend, New Castle, or better known as Jackson within the lore.

Bangalore misses her home of Gridiron, and has flashbacks of previous life events such as relationships and her family.

So, the Apex crew is going to be having a farewell party for her in a new lore video titled "Apex Legends: Saviors."


But to put the question into better perspective, Bangalore is not leaving Apex Legends for the foreseeable future.

She has been a core part of the game since it was released, and was one of the original characters we've seen in Apex Legends, and Respawn has also never removed a character from their lineup, so it's highly unlikley!

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