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Turtle BeachNovember 4, 2021

What Is Raw Input Buffer In Valorant?

What do you mean?

Valorant has recently released it's brand new Act for player's to dive into, and this is also preparing for the long awaited release of Chamber, the brand new agent coming to the game.

One change that Riot has made lately in Valorant is a new metric called raw input value.

This term can be confusing at first glance, but we're going to breakdown what it exactly means for gamers.

What's Raw Input Buffer In Valorant?

This was one of the inner patch notes during Valorant's 3.07 patch, as they added a new feature for players titled raw input buffer.

Basically, for those who don't know, raw input buffer is a mechanic that allow for your gaming mice to become theoretically more snappier.

This is due to the buffer adjusting for APIs (application programming interfaces," which basically takes the input from your mouse rather than going through the OS to input your movements.

In theory this should allow for mice to reach up to 8000Hz polling rate, and you'll definitely notice your mouse becoming snappier and more responsive as the games go on.

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