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Turtle BeachSeptember 25, 2019

10 Things You Must Do In Untitled Goose Game

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There are plenty of entertaining activities you can experience in the unique world of Untitled Goose Game.

September 25, 2019

One of the best things about the video game industry is the wide variety of titles that are created every year for players to enjoy. This wide variety often has a few titles that may not look like blockbusters at first glance but can steal the spotlight and provide plenty of enjoyment to players. This is what has happened with the uniquely named title of Untilted Goose Game.

Untitled Goose Game thrusts players into the role of a very misbehaved goose who enjoys nothing more than annoying the townspeople. You may not think the premise of the Untilted Goose Game is complex by any means. However, this gem of a game provides plenty of entertaining and challenging puzzles for players to solve through its “slapstick-stealth-sandbox” gameplay.

To help you complete the heavy hitter tasks of Untitled Goose Game, we have gathered together the solutions for 10 of the most challenging and enjoyable puzzles in the title below to aid you in your adrenaline-fueled goose adventures.

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Break the Broom

Your first step in breaking the broom of the woman shop owner is to grab it when she does not have a hold of it. Walk right in front of her with the broom. She will attempt to grab it away from you. Hold onto the broom, and it will eventually snap in half. This will complete the task of breaking the broom.

Make the Groundskeeper Wear His Sun Hat

The best way to make the groundskeeper wear his hat in Untitled Goose Game is to head to the garden and dig up a Tulip. Grab the groundskeeper’s attention and drop the flower. He will then replant the flower. This will be your opportunity to grab his hat with your beak. You will then need to drop the hat by the river. The groundskeeper is not able to make it this far in the game and will instead return to the garden and put on his sun hat.

Find the Toothbrush

This specific task asks players to have their mean goose find a toothbrush in the town. This particular toothbrush can be found in a garbage can in the back right of the High Streets area. All that you have to do when you have the toothbrush is place it in your shopping cart, and this puzzle will be completed.

Steal a Pint Glass and Drop It in the Canal

Players can find a pint glass in the pub. However, the man guarding the entrance will likely notice you and cause you to drop the pint glass from your beak and break it. This is why it is helpful to steal a tomato and hide it. Once you have hidden the tomato, honk, and the man will begin searching for it. This is when you will be able to take a pint glass from a table and sneak past the distracted man. You then can head across the street and jump into the canal to complete this crime of the century.

Drop the Bucket on the Burly Man

You will find the bucket necessary for the completion of this task at the back of the town’s pub. The burly man will be located at the entrance of the pub. Your goal is to get the burly man to make his way to the back where you can get the bucket to drop on his head. The best way to do this is to steal a tomato from one of the crates in the pub. Place this tomato in front of the gate in the back of the pub. The burly man will then take the tomato to the crate underneath the bucket. You will need to quickly make your way around to the bucket and knock it over to successfully drop the bucket on the burly man.

Dress Up the Bust

The bust that you have to dress up will be found in the Back Gardens area in the yard of a woman looking through a fence. Your objective is to take the hat, pipe, and glasses from the yard she is staring into and place them in the bowl in front of her bust. Your final step then is to honk, and the woman will come and put the three items on the statue to dress it up.

Make the Man Go Barefoot

You will find the man that you need to make barefoot in the Back gardens area of the town. This man will be reading the paper, and this is when you will be able to sneak up and grab one of his slippers. Hide the slipper and then return to the man and steal his paper. This will cause the man to go back to his table and put his foot with the other slipper on the table. This will be your opportunity to steal his other slipper and complete the task of making him go barefoot.

Break the Dartboard

Breaking the dartboard requires players to have their goose make their way to the town’s pub. You will find an older man in the lower area of the pub playing the harmonica or with the dartboard. The way to break the dartboard is to the time the throw of the older man. He will wind up his throw three times. It is during the final wind up you will want to make your goose honk at him right when he releases the dart. This will then cause the dartboard to break by falling to the ground.

Get on TV

The first step of getting on TV in the Untitled Goose Game is finding the boy in the High Streets area. You will find him playing with a ball or a toy plane. Once you find the boy, you will need to flap your wings or honk at him. Doing this will allow you to chase him to the phone booth in the middle of the square. The boy will call the television shop owner. Lock the boy in the phone booth, and the television shop owner will chase you away. This will be your chance to enter the shop and press a button near the door. Pressing the button will turn the televisions on. You will then see your terrifying goose self in a reflection on the televisions and complete the task to get on TV.

Get Thrown Over the Fence

Players will need to head to the pub to find the white and purple cardboard box to begin their completion of getting thrown over the fence. You then need to drag the cardboard box to the Back Gardens area where a man and woman can be found. Place the box outside of the woman’s yard and break her desk. This will create a ramp you can use to drag the cardboard box inside of the man’s yard. You will then need to climb inside the box. However, you have to make sure the man cannot see you get inside the box. Players should then make the goose honk and get the attention of the man. This particular man will then take the box and throw it over the fence over into the woman’s yard and complete this task for you.

You may never have thought a title with the name Untitled Goose Game would steal the hearts of the video game community. However, there is no denying that a vast multitude of players have and will continue to enjoy wreaking havoc by solving puzzles as a truly troublesome goose.

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