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Turtle BeachMay 30, 2022

How To Tap Strafe In Apex Legends

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Apex Legends Season 13 has been hot in the streets as of late, and with players trying to find any way to get the advantage over their enemies, movement is king when playing Apex.

While Tap Strafing has been nerfed a considerable amount in seasons past, there's still some ways players are able to achieve this movement technique.

How To Tap Strafe In Apex Legends

Tap Strafing is one of the Apex Predator movement techniques that players will perform in high elo lobbies so that they can make enemies confused into where they're moving next.

The move will allow you to spin 180 degrees at the blink of an eye, and we think it's one of the most learns when it comes to Apex Legends.

It's quite the complicated process in order to learn, and it can only be made easier when using the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL Pro!

Nevertheless, below is a rundown of the steps you'll need to take in order to Tap Strafe.

  1. Slide Jump and hold either A or D
  2. When you're at the climax of your jump, let go of W, and flick the scroll wheel (Don't let go of A or D)
  3. Look in the direction you want to go, while still flicking the scroll wheel

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