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Turtle BeachApril 4, 2022

Fortnite 20.10 Update: Release Date, Patch Notes, Leaks And More


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Fortnite 20.10 Update: Release Date, Patch Notes, Leaks And More


April 4, 2022

Reminder: The Fortnite 20.10 update will be released tomorrow.

Fortnite Update 20.10 looks to be the next major update dropping for Chapter 3 Season 2 and given that the update could reinstate building, we’d argue it’s a pretty big one. That said, the first update of a new season always is, with the devs usually looking to make any changes, tweaks or desperate fixes that could be causing issues for players since the new season kicked off. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Update 20.10 ahead of its eventual release.

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Release Date And Time

At the time of writing Fortnite Update 20.10 doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but we are widely expecting it to drop next week on April 5. That’s because dataminers like iFireMonkey (below) have noted that the 20.10 update has already been recently pushed to the games staging servers. We would imagine that Epic Games Fortnite Status Twitter account will confirm the release of the 20.10 Patch at some stage on April 4.

In terms of a release time, we anticipate it’ll be the same as all Fortnite updates, with server downtime starting at 01:00 PST / 04:00 EST / 09:00 BST / 10:00 CET. Usually, this also requires that matchmaking is disabled around 30 minutes beforehand with the update taking up to two hours to roll our. So all players should see the update available by 03:00 PST / 06:00 EST / 11:00 BST / 12:00 CET at the latest.

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Fortnite 20.10 Patch Notes

On top of what we know is coming to the game, there are many more changes we could see implemented. You know, the more boring stuff like bug fixes and such. Most of these changes have been listed on the game’s official Community Trello Board, some as ‘fixed in next game update’ others as simply ‘in development’. But whilst the below does give a good bit of insight into some of the fixes we could see, they’re not guaranteed, so set your expectations accordingly.


Fortnite General Top Issues

  • Vehicles may stutter and jerk when driving in Battle Royale or Creative

Fortnite Battle Royale Top Issues

  • Unable to use Ziplines between wind turbines on Windbreakers Island
  • Vaults at Seven Outposts do not open
  • Fishing Collection Book Resetting
  • Previews in the Item Shop map appear tilted
  • Last season’s quests may be displayed in the Tracked Quests on the HUD
  • Back Blings ‘floating’ on some outfits
  • Bushrangers leaves shed excessively after sliding
  • Match end UI occasionally missing from the screen
  • Opening the Map or Quests while using Split-screen causes the 2nd player’s view to turn black
  • Leaving a Boat while boosting on land may cause controllers to Vibrate

Fortnite Creative Top Issues

  • Some Items missing Guard tags in Creative.
  • Joining a Creative game in progress may lock the new player out until the round ends
  • Unable to Control Quadcrasher While Flying

Fortnite Save the World Top Issues

  • Destroyed beds are not being counted towards quest completion
  • Map/Lobby in STW looks very bright sometimes
  • Storm Shield Bases reset after leaving
  • Placing a BluGlo Siphon may cause crashes (Performance Mode Only)
  • Wolves and Raptors are missing their combat passive abilities
  • Players are unable to re-do repeatable quest after completing them

Fortnite Switch And Mobile Top Issues

  • OnePlus 9 users don’t have a 90 FPS option
  • Black textures can be seen flashing in the sky
  • Scoreboards may show double on the HUD in some Creative matches

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