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Turtle BeachSeptember 26, 2022

Classic Halo 3 Map 'The Pit' Is Coming To Halo Infinite



One of the most iconic multiplayer maps from Halo 3 – The Pit – is making a return in Halo Infinite, Microsoft has announced.

Over the weekend Microsoft was holding the latest Halo Championship Series competitive event in Orlando, Florida and it also coincided with Halo 3’s birthday.

To celebrate the occasion, 343 Industries announced that they have been working on a remake of Halo 3’s 4v4 Arena map, built using Halo Infinite’s new Forge tools.

The Pit is widely considered to be one of the most popular maps for Halo multiplayer over numerous different releases, but unfortunately for fans, it won’t be arriving until later this year.

This remade map will instead launch alongside the games Forge Mode which arrives in beta on November 8 later this year.

Fans of Halo will also be quick to spot that The Pit has undergone a bit of a makeover. The gritty gray UNSC training facility now features more of a futuristic aesthetic, with purple colours and neon lights. Likewise, the lightblue skybox has been replaced with a sort of purple cosmic background instead.

Take a closer look at the videos just below:

As noted by WindowsCentral, 343 has also needed to make adjustments to the map in order to accommodate some Halo Infinite’s core multiplayer mechanics.

For instance, in Halo 3 you couldn’t sprint, but in Infinite you can, so the map has been scaled slightly differently to compensate. Likewise, the map also features Infinite’s customary weapon pads used to spawn power weapons and more items.

All in all, it’s still good to see the return of such an iconic map, but hopefully, this is just the first of many old maps returning.



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